Riverside Walter Reed Hospital

Meet Our Team : Trey Carmine, Perioperative Aide

Perioperative Aide Calls Fulfillment "Perk of the Job"

Working at the local hospital was supposed to be a simple job out of high school.

"But it turned into connecting with the community, with patients, and realizing that helping people is my passion," said Trey Carmine, a Perioperative Aide at Riverside Walter Reed Hospital.

Specifically, Carmine "found a calling in the operating room" where "fulfillment is definitely a perk of the job."

That, and knowing that he's part of a bigger family working to make the community a healthier place.

That's family in the literal and figurative sense, Carmine said.

Yes, the Riverside team refers to each other as family, "and my co-workers always have my back."

But the Carmine crew is even more than that.

"One of the best things about working for Riverside is I have five family members working for Riverside at other facilities," Carmine said. "To say it's family is a real statement for me."