Riverside Walter Reed Hospital

Meet Our Team : Lanell Williams, Nurse Manager

Promoting Teamwork and Family Values, Nurse Managers Make a Difference for Patients

As a young girl, Lanell Williams used to visit her mother, a Certified Nurse Aide, at work. Williams enjoyed talking to residents and listening to their stories.

Those stories became inspiration. Her interest in nursing was piqued. And a Riverside career spanning two decades was soon born.

"I've actually been in the health care field about 23 years," said Williams, who was especially appreciative of the educational support and scheduling flexibility she received.

"Riverside helped me with reimbursement for going to school, and they accommodated my schedule –I was allowed to actually work full time and still go to school."

Williams, now a Nurse Manager, also values the collaboration and warmth of colleagues who always look out for one another at Riverside.

"The team environment here to me is family," she said. "If you're struggling, you don't even have to ask for help. We can recognize it on your face, and we go and help you."

But more than anything, it's the joy she feels in helping patients that provides the greatest satisfaction.

"What gives me the greatest fulfillment is going in there and helping the patient," said Williams. "If they're sick and they're unhappy, it's even the little things –holding their hand, taking a moment to sit with them and talk to them."

"Just being able to make a difference in someone's life is a true awesome feeling."