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Updates on Woman & Infant Care at RSMH

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In our commitment to transparency and keeping our community informed, we are dedicated to providing weekly updates on this website page and our RSMH Facebook page.

Updated January 22, 2024 

Leadership across Riverside and at RSMH have been working diligently to develop short and long term plans for providing inpatient pediatric coverage of our nursery and I wanted to provide you with a brief update. 

I am pleased to share that we have secured coverage beginning February 5, 2024 – July 1, 2024 with nine neonatlogists and pediatricians. We are thrilled to have the support of these physicians and are excited to welcome neonatlogists to our nursery as they are specially trained physicians who care for newborns and typically only work in tertiary hospitals with NICU’s. 

Long term, we will continue to actively recruit for Pediatricians, Family Medicine physicians, Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, and Internal Medicine/Pediatric physicians to grow our primary care presence on the Eastern Shore. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. — Nick Chuquin, President of RSMH

Frequently Asked Questions

Eastern Shore Rural Health (ESRH), a partner of Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital for over 40 years supporting obstetrics and pediatric care, notified us in writing on November 30, 2023, that ESRH’s governing board approved ESRH ending their coverage of our pediatric services in our newborn nursery out of RSMH. The ESRH board also approved ESRH exercising their 60-days exit notification outlined in our agreement signed in 2011.

Riverside has made several attempts to continue the partnership and at the least extend the 60-day exit of services to 90+ days. Unfortunately, ESRH has communicated that they “need to continue with the date of February 4, 2024”,  for their exit date of our newborn nursery. 

Yes. At this point in time, ESRH last day at RSMH will be Sunday, February 4, 2024. 

As of now, we are still operating as normal in our Woman & Infant Care unit and there are no expected impacts to those who wish to deliver their baby at RSMH. We will continue to keep the community updated as we continue to look for a new partner.

Riverside does not have any detail on the business decision made by ESRH.
Riverside and ESRH have partnered for over 40 years to ensure the communities health needs are met. Both organizations have faced the challenges of ensuring quality medical services for our communities remain available and while the 60-day notification is part of the agreement, we know it is a business decision to enforce the 60-day or extend it. We are disappointed that they are not extending their termination of services date of February 4, 2024.

In addition to continuing to seek additional newborn nursery coverage from ESRH, Riverside is actively working through several different solutions for newborn services at RSMH. 

Riverside is committed to serving the eastern shore community and will continue to share transparent and timely updates on newborn services at RSMH.

Riverside does not plan to close our Labor and Delivery services at RSMH, and we remain committed to serving the needs of our community – including our most precious newborn patients.

Leadership across Riverside and RSMH are actively working with other health care organizations and providers to discuss new partnership opportunities. Our plan is to continue OB services at RSMH and are diligently working to ensure we have exceptional pediatric care to support parent(s) and the babies born at RSMH. 
No. In some cases, the Pediatrician you see in the hospital is not the same Pediatrician you see when you leave the hospital. Prior to discharging home, the Woman & Infant team at RSMH will ask the parent(s) who will be their pediatrician moving forward as they will need to set up an appointment with them within 48 hours of leaving the hospital. ESRH will still be offering outpatient Pediatric care for newborns and children on the Eastern Shore.
Over the years, the partnership with ESRH has evolved and as of recently, they have been providing 4 Pediatricians to cover call responsibilities at RSMH. During call, the Pediatricians will examine newborns and provide updates to the parent(s) while at the hospital. Prior to discharge from RSMH, the Pediatricians will conduct a final exam on the newborn and provide parents with next steps as they leave the hospital. ESRH also provides after hours, on call services for emergency deliveries. 
Yes, the Emergency Department (ED) at RSMH will remain staffed and equipped to provide medical support for any emergencies during your pregnancy or during delivery if needed. 
Yes, the Emergency Department (ED) at RSMH will remain staffed and equipped to provide medical support for any emergencies that may arise with your newborn or children.