Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital

Riverside Shore Cancer Center

A diagnosis of cancer can be a difficult, frightening and overwhelming time. That’s why the team of oncology specialists at the nationally-recognized Riverside Shore Cancer Center offers a very personalized approach to care that takes into account not only your medical needs, but also the concerns and emotional changes you’re experiencing along with the many questions you’re bound to have.

As an award-winning and community-based cancer care facility, RSCC offers medical oncology (treating cancer with chemotherapy and other cancer-fighting drugs, hormones and pain reduction medications) as well as radiation oncology (using beams of radiation to destroy or damage cancer cells). Along with cancer surgery, these treatments may be used individually or in combination.

Riverside Shore Cancer Center
20480 Market St.
P.O. Box 430
Onancock, VA 23417

A team of cancer specialists
The quality of care at Riverside Shore Cancer Center, and any medical facility, is directly dependent on the skills, the training and the experience of the people who staff it and direct its services.


Jefferson Moulds, M.D.
Board-certified radiation oncologist Jefferson Moulds, M.D., supervises the state-of-the-art radiation therapy at RSCC including intensity-modulated radiation therapy. Dr. Moulds is a graduate of the Medical College of Virginia School of Medicine and completed his residency at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Radiation treatments are performed by experienced, registered radiation therapists.


Laura Kerbin, M.D.
Board-certified medical oncologist Laura Kerbin, M.D., directs chemotherapy at RSCC and works with patients to develop a highly individualized treatment plan from the moment of diagnosis.

The infusion/transfusion suite at RSCC (the area where chemotherapy is provided) is staffed by registered nurses who are oncology-certified or in the process of obtaining that certification.

The RSCC team also includes nutritional specialists and other support personnel who make important contributions to the overall treatment experience.

Our staff includes highly qualified experts who can guide you through your care and recovery. We invite questions when you're here for treatment or at any time. Call us at 757-302-2600 to learn more.

From diagnosis through treatment and survivorship, we provide highly individualized care that is directed to the distinct needs of each person. By bringing together the best possible combination of skilled and experienced physician specialists, a highly trained staff and leading edge technology we can help you and your family thrive despite the diagnosis.

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What we offer

  • Chemotherapy and infusion services
  • Medical oncology, including cancer and hematology clinic
  • Radiation therapy
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Support services
  • An informational library with Internet access

Additional resources
The RSCC includes a resource center located off the lobby. The center includes a variety of books, brochures and videos related to cancer. The resource center also offers internet access to assist patients in their search for information about clinical trials – carefully controlled research studies that evaluate promising new treatments or procedures. The resource center at RSCC is also the location for support group meetings held by American Cancer Society volunteers.


ACOS CommissionThe Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital and Riverside Shore Cancer Center services are accredited by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. This distinction is achieved by only 25 percent of cancer care facilities nationwide.

In addition, the cancer program has multitple times been awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award by the Commission on Cancer.

Both the hospital and the Cancer Center have also earned the Gold Level Accreditation from the DNV, a national health care accreditation and quality monitoring organization.

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