Riverside Regional Medical Center Brings First Ever Certified Primary Stroke Program to the Peninsula

Stroke Heroes Act FAST
Too few know all the signs of stroke or recognize the value of calling 9-1-1.

The Riverside Center for Neurosciences is Hampton Roads' only provider of neurological care across every stage of treatment including clinical, surgical, rehabilitative and continuing care. We treat brain and spine injuries and diseases and are national leaders in the treatment of brain cancer. Riverside Regional Medical Center is a nationally-certified Primary Stroke Center offering the latest in life-saving stroke treatment.

We are also home to The Riverside and University of Virginia Radiosurgery Center located on the campus of Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News. Through a partnership with University of Virginia as well as an investment in leading edge technology, diagnostic tools and nationally renowned, medically distinguished physicians, we deliver world class care to patients from across the country -- right here at home. Our physicians have performed more than 650 radiation based “knifeless” surgeries, achieving some of the best patient outcomes in the world.

The Riverside Difference

Why it Matters to You

The Riverside Center for Neurosciences is dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of the brain, spinal cord, spine, peripheral nerves and muscles. The most advanced team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, interventional neuroradiologists and medical oncologists are all under one roof, working as a team, focusing only on the brain. Because this is all we do, special inpatient and outpatient programs extending from diagnosis through rehabilitation and recovery have been developed specifically for patients of brain disease, trauma or brain disorders.
The Riverside and University of Virginia Radiosurgery Center is a nationally recognized Center of Excellence. Centers of Excellence represent unique certifications, physician expertise, technology and medical outcomes that insure the highest level of patient care available.
The Riverside and University of Virginia Radiosurgery Center is home to the Gamma Knife, the only technology in the world designed exclusively for radiosurgical (radiation) treatment of the brain. It is the only healthcare facility in Hampton Roads and one of only two in Virginia, to have the Gamma Knife. Gamma Knife is the only radiosurgical technology designed exclusively for the brain. It has been tested for over 40 years, in over 350,000 patient cases around the world. Non-fixed, linear accelerator based technology is not designed for use on the brain and its use is not supported by independent, patient-tested research to show results support claims of achieving the same medical outcomes as Gamma Knife. Because Riverside is one of the few places in the country where this treatment is provided, expensive out of town travel to receive Gamma Knife radiosurgery is avoided.
Riverside Center for Neurosciences is the ONLY local care provider that can treat brain disorders from diagnosis through rehabilitation and recovery. You do not have to go multiple places for various stages of care. Your care is coordinated by Riverside professionals, from the latest in diagnostic tests and medical and surgical treatment, to rehabilitation, recovery and ongoing continuing care.
Riverside has the only local accredited Emergency & Trauma Center specializing in emergency treatment of critical brain conditions and trauma. The Riverside Emergency and Trauma Center has on staff and on call neurosurgeons 24/7 and is the only local facility where emergency medicine physicians can administer highly specialized hypothermic treatment designed to save valuable brain cells by cooling the body down to slow stroke progression.
Riverside has the only 128-slice CT scanner on the Peninsula. Physicians can more accurately pinpoint and treat a broad range of brain conditions because the 128-slice CT scanner processes images of the brain in far greater detail than traditional 64-slice scanners.
Riverside Rehabilitation Institute, a 50-bed rehabilitation hospital, is the largest free-standing medical facility dedicated to inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation in Virginia. Rehabilitation is a critical part of patient care and many times after a stroke or brain surgery, or in the cases of some brain diseases, treatment cannot be rendered at home. Patient rehabilitation is coordinated by a rehabilitation specialist within the Riverside Neurosciences Center, with no need for expensive travel outside the area away from friends and family.
Riverside has more inpatient and outpatient continuing care options than any other healthcare facility in Virginia. Patients recovering from stroke, brain injury or other brain disease, do not have to leave the area or their friends and family while they recover. We provide the highest quality of care tailored to individual patient needs, whether living at home, in an assisted living community, or a convalescent facility that provides around the clock care.
Four out of five neurosurgeons whose practice is based on the Peninsula, are affiliated with Riverside. There is great depth in physician availability and expertise so there is no delay or lapse in treatment. All ongoing follow-up is handled locally. You receive fast, comprehensive and highly coordinated care across all aspects of treatment.
Riverside has the only accredited Sleep Lab in the region. Board certified physicians and sleep specialists use the latest technology to diagnose and treat sleep disorders such as insomnia and night terrors. You do not have to leave the area and incur costly travel expenses to receive this type of neurological care.
Riverside's speech language pathologists have access to the Peninsula's only digital video swallowing stations. Digital video swallowing stations are critical in the proper diagnosis and treatment of swallowing disorders such as those that may affect stroke patients. You do not have to travel out of town to receive this care.
For over 10 years, Riverside has been a leader in keeping patient medical records electronically. Doctors and emergency staff have immediate, 24/7 online access to patient medical records, expediting diagnosis and care and making it easy for doctors to consult with associates and quickly receive patient medical test results.
Patients have 24/7 access to their electronic medical records You can use myHealth eLink to correspond with your physician's office, look at immunization and other records, receive lab results sent to you by your physician, get prescription refills, referral requests and much more.


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