Hampton Roads is no stranger to severe weather. Our geographic location, proximity to water and low-lying areas make us susceptible to the effects of even minor storms. If a major storm is tracking toward our area, Riverside Health System is prepared: We have in-depth action plans ready to be implemented, and we train for such events on a regular basis. The safety and well-being of our patients and residents at all of our facilities is our top priority at all times regardless of weather.

If severe weather will impact your scheduled medical appointment or procedure, you can find that information on our Closings & Delays page. 

Preparing for and responding to our communities’ medical needs in an appropriate and timely manner is Riverside Health System’s goal. That means we are prepared to care for any medical emergencies, as well as patients who are in our hospitals and residents who are in our long-term care facilities. This involves:

  • Having staff in our facilities who are capable of maintaining our services.
  • Having enough food to meet nutritional needs of our patients.
  • Having backups of critical supplies such as oxygen, medication, water, etc.
  • Having backups of standard supplies such as linens, beds, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Having generators at every location that operates 24/7 or houses patients overnight.  

During a major storm event, Riverside hospitals are most appropriately used to treat injuries and life-threatening illness like a stroke or heart attack. We are not a shelter, and our facilities need to remain focused on saving lives and caring for our patients. If you need shelter or food please contact your local government (see below for links to local government sites for emergency preparedness).

Below is a list of commonly asked questions to assist you during a major storm event. We’ve also included some general preparedness information you can find on the FEMA hurricane site.

Riverside Emergency Departments, Riverside Regional Medical Center’s Level II Trauma Center and all Riverside hospitals will remain open for any medical need as a storm impacts our area and afterward.

M.D. Express Urgent Care locations in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, York County, Gloucester and Tappahannock would operate according to their normal hours and remain open as long as they can safely provide services (M.D. Express).

Riverside has one facility in the Zone A flood zone: Riverside Convalescent Center in Mathews. We have included links to sites that give more information on flood zones in the Other Useful Links section below. Our patients’ safety is our first priority. If Virginia's governor orders an evacuation, we put our evacuation plan in effect and notify family members of details.
We would first relocate residents or patients to other Riverside facilities not in the impact area, then in the region, then in the state, depending on the situation.
Some Riverside Medical Group offices may delay opening or close. Details of closings will be posted to our website. If you have an appointment that is impacted by a closure, you can expect the office to reach out to reschedule your appointment. Patients scheduled for a procedure would be contacted and the decision on when to reschedule would be discussed with the patient.

Some Riverside Medical Group offices may delay opening or may close. If you are having an emergency please go to your nearest Emergency Department. Other options we offer are:

  • M.D. Express Urgent Care. M.D. Express has locations in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, York County, Gloucester and Tappahannock. These offices will operate according to their normal hours and remain open as long as they can safely provide services (M.D. Express Urgent Care).
  • Riverside Nurse. This is a free service that connects you with a registered nurse specially trained in telephone triage: 757-595-6363 or 800-675-6368. This service can also assist you in finding an appropriate location to meet your needs.
  • Riverside Video Visit. This service enables you to connect with a Riverside physician through MyChart using a computer or a mobile device: On Demand Video Visits
Our team members will contact patients who are scheduled for surgery to discuss rescheduling.
Yes. As long as you have electricity and internet access, you can get all your information on MyChart. If you are not enrolled yet in Riverside MyChart, we encourage you to sign up for this free service.
No. The hospitals need to be able to treat sick and injured people. Contact your local government for information on shelters, etc.
Riverside would contact all home care patients. Our caretakers would continue to see patients as long as the weather permits travel and the staff members can remain safe. Prior to an expected weather event, we would bring extra medical supplies as a precaution. Patients who use Riverside Home Care can call the 24/7 phone line, 757-594-2656, for answers to their questions.