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Top hand and wrist surgeries

July 13, 2022

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Hand surgeries and wrist surgeries are very precise procedures. They require the expertise of a hand surgeon who can work with the small structures and tiny spaces in your hand.

“Hand surgery is very delicate,” says James C. Kyriakedes, M.D., a Riverside orthopedic hand and wrist surgeon. “All hand surgeons must complete extra training to perform these procedures, which balance aspects of orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery and microsurgery.”

A fellowship-trained surgeon, Dr. Kyriakedes performs a wide range of hand and wrist surgeries, including:

1. Nerve decompression

When nerves in your hand or wrist are under pressure, it can cause severe pain and numbness. During nerve decompression surgery, hand surgeons may move a nerve or remove the ligaments or other structures pressing on the nerve. Once the nerve is free, pain, numbness and weakness improve or resolve.

2. Surgical fixation of broken bones

To help bones heal, you might need pins, plates or screws to hold them into place. Our hand surgeons may use minimally invasive techniques, like percutaneous pinning, to hold bones together while minimizing scar tissue formation. 

3. Arthroplasty

Arthritis in a finger joint can prevent you from completing basic tasks. Our surgeons use arthroplasty to replace a damaged joint, relieve pain and restore function to your finger.

4. Arthrodesis (joint fusion)

Some joints cannot be replaced with arthroplasty. Instead, surgeons may fuse the joint during arthrodesis surgery. Fusing the joint will keep it from moving, but it will also relieve pain.

5. Hand and wrist microsurgery

The blood vessels and nerves in your hand are very small. So, when they are damaged, our surgeons use tiny, specialized tools and a microscope to perform surgery and repair the injured structures.

6. Tendon repair

Tendon repair fixes tendons that were cut or ruptured because of an injury. Our hand surgeons work closely with certified hand therapists to ensure you can regain function in your hand after your surgery.

7. Arthroscopy

Arthroscopic surgeries use a tiny, specialized camera and small tools to repair hand or wrist injuries and relieve pain. This minimally invasive surgery uses only short incisions, leading to a faster recovery.

8. Ligament repair

Ligaments connect your bones together around your joints. It can be difficult to use certain joints if vital ligaments are damaged. Our hand surgeons can repair or reconstruct the ligament, to return you to your prior level or function, and avoid downstream complications like arthritis. 

9. Joint resection

During joint resection, our surgeons remove a small portion of the bone in an area of thumb or wrist motion. Typically performed for arthritic conditions, this procedure relieves joint pain and restores range of motion and function.

10. Tendon transfer

If you cannot move your thumb, fingers, or wrist properly due to injuries or arthritic conditions, you might benefit from a tendon transfer. A tendon transfer uses expendable tendons taken from other areas of your body to replace damaged tendons and restore function to your hand.

“Surgical repair or reconstruction of joints, tendons, nerves, or ligaments can be extremely beneficial to the function of the hand and wrist,” says Dr. Kyriakedes. “By restoring function and decreasing pain, we help our patients get back to the activities they love.”

The expert hand surgeons at Riverside Health System use the latest surgical techniques to relieve pain and improve function in your hand. Learn more about Riverside Orthopedic Specialists.

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