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After a stroke: A look at the rehab team getting you back to your life

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If you or someone you love has had a stroke, you know it can affect many aspects of activities of daily living. A stroke is due to a lack of blood flow to a part of the brain, which is basically the body’s control center. As a result, simple tasks like brushing your teeth or opening a jar can become a challenge and make life difficult.

“It truly takes a village to recover from a stroke. The support of family and friends, as well as a multidisciplinary medical team, can be essential to help you get back to your fullest life,” says John N. Livingstone II, M.D., a neurologist with Riverside Neurology Specialists.

The medical team, your partners in health

A team of health professionals will work tirelessly in caring for you after a stroke. Physicians are often the face of the medical team, but they’ll work closely with therapists and nurses to implement your plan of care and help to get you better and back home as quickly and safely as possible.


Each physician plays a specific role in your care and recovery. While they will work together, each has a well-defined job on the team.

  • Primary care physician: Manages your long-term care plan
  • Neurologist: Oversees the immediate response to your stroke when you’re in the hospital and follows up to focus on aspects of care that will help to improve your recovery
  • Physiatrist: Coordinates with therapy to direct and oversee your physical rehabilitation Nurses

Dedicated stroke and rehab nurses will be with you every step of the way, caring for you in the hospital and out. After discharge, nurses will also help with implementing lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of another stroke.


Therapists diligently work with you long term to develop exercises that help improve your physical functioning, including normal daily functions like walking, using the bathroom, speaking and eating.

Each therapist has a specialty area:

  • Occupational therapy: Tasks for everyday life
  • Physical therapy: Strength, range of motion and mobility
  • Speech/language therapy: Language, speaking, chewing and swallowing

YOU are a member of the rehab team too

A successful rehabilitation plan is customized specifically to your needs with a team of specialists. Every team member plays a role in your recovery, including you and your family. At home, it’s your job to follow the plan and complete the activities the team has designed for you. It will take hard work, but the support of family and friends will help you through it.

Expert rehab is a phone call away

Our team approach ensures comprehensive, coordinated care for patients from hospitalization through outpatient treatment and services. Our board-certified specialists are specially trained in stroke and are at the forefront of neurovascular care. Request an appointment with one of our providers at Riverside Neurology Specialists today.

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