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A CPAP study, also called a continuous positive airway pressure study, is used to establish the right equipment levels for CPAP therapy. This therapy is commonly used to treat sleep apnea.

What to expect

If during your overnight sleep study you show signs of severe sleep apnea, you may have a CPAP study performed that same night. This is called a split-night sleep study. In some cases, the CPAP study will be conducted as a second sleep study.

During the CPAP test

  • A mask or other device is fitted over your nose or your nose and mouth with straps that keep the mask in place.
  • A tube connects the mask to the CPAP machine's where a small, quiet motor forces air into the tube.
  • The air gently blows through the mask and into the back of your throat, opening your airways.
  • Air pressure is started at a very low level and is gradually increased during the night. The purpose is to find the right level of air pressure to prevent collapse of your upper airway while you sleep. This prevents sleep apnea from occurring.

Test results

It usually takes about two weeks to get the results of a CPAP study. Your primary care physician or one of our doctors in the sleep center will review the results with you. If CPAP therapy is right for you, you will be fitted for a mask and can obtain a CPAP unit for use in your home.