Breast Cancer

Illustration of touching handsSupport groups

The Breast Cancer Caregivers Support Group meets monthly at the same time (but in a different room) as the Breast Cancer Support group. This group is made up of spouses and other caregivers, and led by a husband of a breast cancer survivor. Second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Cancer Center Fireplace Room.

There are many online resources (including support groups) for caregivers and loved ones.


Riverside Cancer Care Center’s Patient Library offers resources for caregivers and loved ones in addition to patients. Included is an area for books created to help children better understand what the diagnosis of a loved one can mean to them. Additionally, there are computers in the library where individuals can do online research. There is also a growing collection of books and magazines that have nothing to do with cancer that both patients and loved ones enjoy during treatment.

Nurse educator

Fran Holcomb is Riverside Cancer Service’s Nurse Educator. As an Oncology Certified Nurse, Fran is a community resource for cancer patients and their family, friends, and significant others. Fran can help with breast and cervical cancer early detection programs, cancer screenings and other prevention materials. Her office is located adjacent to the Cancer Resources Library, on the 1st floor of the Riverside Cancer Care Center.


Many parents are worried about how to discuss a cancer diagnosis with their children – from toddlers to teenagers.