Riverside Medical Group

Obstetrics/Gynecology Residency Program Dr. Brandon D. Rogers Simulation Lab

Brandon D. Rogers Simulation Lab



  Birthing Simulation


  Birthing Lab Overview


Simulation Lab Overview

•8400 Sq. Ft. Facility
•(4) Dedicated Clinical Training Spaces
–Medical/Surgical/Intensive Care
–Labor & Delivery
–Emergency Medicine / Trauma
–Procedural Skills
•Conference Room
•Simulator C.A.R.E. Room
–(Moulage, Setup, Manikin Repair, Model Design, etc.)
•Multi-Room Learning Management and Debriefing System
•3D Camera and Monitor System
•(4) Human Patient Simulators (Manikins)
•General Capabilities
–General Patient Assessment and Bedside Skills
–Trauma Assessment and Medical Resuscitation Simulation
–Normal and Complicated Obstetrical Delivery Simulation
–Point of Injury Care Simulation
–Procedural Skills Task Trainers with Ultrasound  Capabilities