Our office offers a comprehensive, on-site program for patients with diabetes. The sessions are taught by Dr. Megan B. McGavern and Certified Diabetes Educators.

Learning to live with diabetes

This is a series of three group sessions, offered on Wednesdays. Each one will show you specific steps you can take to get yourself healthy and back to feeling good.

Diabetes 101

  • The natural history of diabetes
  • What uncontrolled diabetes can do to your body
  • Blood sugar and A1C goals, glucose logs and pattern management
  • How to choose and use a glucose meter
  • How high blood sugar levels can make you feel
  • How to handle and prevent diabetic emergencies

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Diabetic nutrition

  • Why what you eat is important
  • Learning from food labels
  • Planning your meals
  • Food types
  • Sugar goals
  • Building a plate

Medications & lifestyle modifications

  • How diabetic medications work and steps to taking them correctly
  • Diabetic medication options
  • Why stress is important and how to handle it
  • How behavior and exercise affect your diabetes
  • Setting goals

To find out the schedule and enroll in an upcoming class, call our office at (757) 234-4285.