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Health equity is achieved when every person can attain their full health potential, free of obstacles that may be created by socially determined circumstances. These obstacles can include lack of educational and financial resources, lack of transportation, lack of access to food or affordable housing, or living in an area more than 30 miles from the nearest healthcare facility. 

Ensuring health equity in our communities requires businesses, community organizations, municipalities and government agencies, healthcare systems, higher education institutions, and others to come together collaboratively and focus on removing the obstacles that contribute to health disparities. 

Riverside has convened a think-tank group of over 30 partners to collaborate on health equity best practices and research.  This group, the Virginia Organization for Inclusive Concepts and Equitable Solutions (VOICES), will work together to minimize or eliminate the obstacles to health equity in our communities. 

Riverside and its partners hold an annual Health Equity Panel discussion in January to address some of the disparities in healthcare. Topics range from disparities in diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and others.. Check back in January for information about the next panel discussion. 

We will demonstrate Riverside’s commitment to building trust in communities of color and underserved communities through outreach and engagement efforts, foster diverse community partnerships that promote health equity and focus on social determinants of health. Click here for more information


Here, you will find information about how to take action. Represent your organization by joining the Virginia Organization for Inclusive Concepts and Equitable Solutions (VOICES) and help address disparities in your community.

Riverside invites other organizations to join the more than 30 healthcare systems, businesses, higher education institutions, and non-profit community organizations that are part of voices — VA Organization for Inclusive Concepts and Equitable Solutions. We convene monthly to address inequities in healthcare, education, finance, housing, workforce, transportation, and other focus areas in our communities of color through strategic community collaborations. To join the group, please send an email to: [email protected]