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Health Equity

The discussion has officially started! Scroll down to view the video stream for a discussion on Health Equity: Diabetes, Closing the Gap in Black Health Disparities
Van Jones

Here you will find grant opportunities for non-profit organizations committed to improving health equity and the quality of life in Black communities.

Apply for a health equity grant from Visionaries for Change, a giving circle of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation. Members donate money to a pooled fund, and together fund grants that improve life in Black communities experiencing economic distress in Hampton Roads. This grant opportunity is for Black-serving nonprofits focused on health equity. Learn more at

Here, you will find information about how to take action. Represent your organization by joining the Virginia Organization for Inclusive Concepts and Equitable Solutions (VOICES) and help address disparities in your community.

Riverside invites other organizations to join the more than 30 healthcare systems, businesses, higher education institutions, and non-profit community organizations that are part of voices — VA Organization for Inclusive Concepts and Equitable Solutions. We convene monthly to address inequities in healthcare, education, finance, housing, workforce, transportation, and other focus areas in our communities of color through strategic community collaborations. To join the group, please send an email to: