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Stroke & Stroke Intervention Network – Frank Sanderson, M.D., Comprehensive Stroke and Neurovascular Center

for those we love
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"To quickly open a blood vessel in the brain that has clotted from a stroke, or from any other neurological condition, is essential to a high-quality recovery and to outcomes that could not be imagined 30 years ago. In all cases the key is fast action: immediate access to life-changing care for those we love. The physicians, the specialized staff, the equipment, training, technicians, and therapists must be right here. at home. at riverside. the buck must stop here. So, we give to help provide the option of immediate care, and a chance at an incredible life, after a brain attack or a ruptured or clotted artery." -Faye Petro Gargiulo & Frank Sanderson, M.D.

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for those we love

Stroke & Stroke Intervention Network–Frank Sanderson, M.D., Comprehensive Stroke and Neurovascular Center

Riverside Regional Medical Center’s Advanced Stroke Network is the first accredited Comprehensive Stroke Center in Southeastern Virginia. Our three other facilities have a Primary Stroke Center designation. Collectively, in 2023, we treated >2,000 stroke patients within our Emergency Departments and 1,700 patients with a confirmed stroke diagnosis in our hospitals. We offer treatment for strokes at every stage – inpatient, outpatient, long-term care, and specialized rehabilitation.

Riverside is one of the few health systems in the country with a team of neurointerventionalists, highly skilled clinicians who use advanced technologies to identify, diagnose, assess and treat stroke patients. Our Neuroscience providers, consisting of neurologists, neurosurgeons and neurovascular physicians had > 76,000 patient visits within the RMG practices, and saw 12,500 new patients.  We are able to treat patients faster and improve outcomes with dedicated teams of emergency care clinicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurses, therapists and social workers. 

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Your Support Will:

  • Ensure latest technology stays at our fingertips, including:

    3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (3T MRI) machines
    Expansion of our telemedicine program for evaluation in ambulances in all Riverside communities
    Addition of portable MRI units for easier access to patients
    Expansion of augmented reality program that uses 3D printed gloves and gamification for rehabilitation
    Expansion of simulation lab to include stroke patient and software for upgraded care simulation
    Neurointerventionalist Laboratory

  • Continue educational opportunities for all Riverside system team members and our Virginia communities to maintain and elevate our care continuum – honing our skills and knowledge about stroke prevention, symptoms and care. Additionally, support of Riverside’s Annual Neurosciences Symposium.

  • Expand personalized patient and family navigation with the potential to provide meaningful one on one support for thousands of patients and their families