Family Medicine Residency Program

2024-2025 Salaries:

  • PGY-1 $63,208.00
  • PGY-2 $64,253.00
  • PGY-3 $67,832.00


  • PGY1: receives 20 days PTO (vacation) each year (5 used during the December holiday schedule).
  • PGY2: receives 20 days PTO (vacation) (5 used during the December holiday schedule) and 5 days of conference leave.
  • PGY3: receives 20 days PTO (vacation) (5 used during the December holiday schedule) and 5 days of conference leave.

Under the American Board of Family Medicine guidelines: Vacation, Illness, and Other Short-Term Absences

Residents are expected to perform their duties as resident physicians for a minimum period of eleven months each calendar year. Therefore, absence from the program for vacation, illness (to include pregnancy), personal business, leave, etc., must not exceed a combined total of one (1) month per academic year.

Vacation periods may not accumulate from one year to another. Annual vacations must be taken in the year of service for which the vacation is granted. No two vacation periods may be concurrent and a resident does not have the option of reducing the total time required for residency (36 calendar months) by relinquishing vacation time.

Absence from the residency, in excess of one month within the academic year must be made up before the resident advances to the next training level and the time must be added to the projected date of completing of the required 36 months of training. In order to sit for the Boards in July/August, you must graduate by June 30th, otherwise you must wait to sit for the boards in December. For more information, please go the ABFM website at


  • A call room is available for each service.
  • Meal allowance
  • Malpractice Insurance: Liability Coverage while participating in Riverside Family Medicine Residency Program.
  • Health and Dental Insurance: for resident and family at a shared cost
  • Disability Insurance after one year of full-time employment and 90 days of disability.
  • Basic Live Insurance: Benefit is equal to 1 and one half times your annual earnings to a maximum of $750,000. 90 day waiting period.
  • Relocation stipend: $1,000.00 - subject to IRS rules.
  • Resident Funds: $2,500.00 Residents Fund (to help finance education activities):
    o $500 is available during the first year
    o $2,000 is available during the second year and third year
  • Uniforms: access to scrubs and Lab coat allowance
  • License Fees: Limited medical license fees paid for Residents; initial Virginia permanent license fee for Third Year Residents.
  • USMLE or COMLEX Step 3 exam fees
  • ABFM or AOA board exam fees
  • AAFP Dues
  • Team Member Discounts: 25 percent employee discount for using most Riverside health care services