Family Medicine Residency Program

Riverside residencies are committed to training residents to use all tools at their disposal to take the very best care of their patients. The rapidly burgeoning medical knowledge base mandates that medicine utilize information systems that not only bring the latest evidence-based knowledge to the physician at the point of care, but also manages the patients' information to improve care. Riverside was one of the first residencies in the country with an electronic medical record, "going live" in May of 1997.

Specific features of the program and our set-up include:

  • Note generation through typing, template (point-and-click), and/or dictation
  • Full search capabilities and automated (batch) letter generation
  • Wireless computers in examination rooms
  • Protocols identifying needed immunizations, treatments, or studies by age, sex, or diagnosis
  • "Pop-up" reminders for focused improvement efforts
  • Reference laboratory interface for automated input
  • Integration with Riverside's other clinical information systems including Soarian, digital radiography, electronic chart completion/retrieval, the emergency department and home health.
  • Document (consult letters, EKGs, other paper forms) scanning/retrieval system.
  • Wireless and electronic prescription
  • Electronic referrals
  • Remote access (from hospital, home, or Internet)

Online Textbooks/Databases

We have multiple textbooks, databases, calculators, and other clinical resources available for physician use on our intranet. All residents have access to Up-To-Date and to the online resources of Virginia Commonwealth University.