Emergency Medicine Residency Program
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Class of 2021-2024

Steven Foster, DOSteven Foster, DO
Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Undergraduate Education: James Madison University - Biological Sciences
Medical School: VCOM - Virginia
EM Interest Areas: Ultrasound, addiction medicine, medical education
Personal Hobbies: Weightlifting, cycling, Star Wars, reading history, saving for my future Tesla
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: "The only certain thing in life is uncertainty"
Why I chose Riverside: Amazing location, beautiful ED full of some pretty sick patients, engaged faculty, lots of procedures, and an opportunity to help mold a fun culture in a relatively new program.
Advice to Medical Student: Remember that in medicine there are almost always multiple correct options (unlike the boards), and stay humble as there is always more to learn.


Calvin "Andy" Funkhouser, DOCalvin “Andy” Funkhouser, DO
Hometown: Lexington, VA
Undergraduate Education: James Madison University
Medical School: Liberty University
EM Interest Areas: EMS
Personal Hobbies: Fishing, woodworking, caving
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: "Take a leap of faith"
Why I chose Riverside: I choose Riverside for the faculty and the residents. During my interview, I found all to be engaging, wanting to know about my interest, and why I had chosen EM as my career pathway.
Advice to Medical Student: Be on time, ask questions, be part of the experience.


Katrina "Kat" McGlone, DOKatrina “Kat” McGlone, DO
Hometown: North Newton, KS
Undergraduate Education: Youngstown State University – B.S.A.S in Exercise Science, with Minors in Biology and Chemistry
Medical School: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
EM Interest Areas: Global Medicine and Education, Ultrasound
Personal Hobbies: Lifting, running, swimming, baking, piano, learning guitar
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: "Romans 12:9-18"
Why I chose Riverside: Riverside is a great community program that has great invested faculty and beautiful facility. During my interview day, I felt confident that I would have a good education and experience here. Also, there’s a beach nearby!
Advice to Medical Student: Work hard, be honest, and do what you say you will do. Be on time and be timely.


Charles Hardesty, DOCharles Hardesty, DO
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Undergraduate Education: St. Petersburg College
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine - Bradenton
EM Interest Areas: Ultrasound, wilderness medicine and medical education
Personal Hobbies: Disc golf, outdoor activities/sports, exercising, dogs, video games, reading
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “Hardships often prepare people for an extraordinary destiny.” – C.S. Lewis
Why I chose Riverside: During my interview I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge of the faculty and their dedication to teaching residents in a challenging yet encouraging way. Additionally, the happiness of the current residents was very evident through my interactions with them. The culture here is very focused around a great learning environment while also focusing on the well-being of the residents which makes for a great experience.
Advice to Medical Student: No one expects you to know all the answers so just work hard, be engaged, and be teachable. Medical school is stressful time but find time to enjoy yourself. Most importantly be yourself and have fun! Emergency medicine is a very fun and rewarding profession.


Ashley Kaufman, DOAshley Kaufman, DO
Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
Undergraduate Education: Virginia Tech
Medical School: VCOM - Virginia
EM interest areas: The nerd in me loves toxicology, the athlete loves sport medicine, the adrenaline junky loves disaster medicine, and the nurturer loves women's health. Get back to me in a few months...
Personal Hobbies: I enjoy playing flag football and hanging out at the dog park with my dobie Nala.
Favorite Quote: "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light" -Albus Dumbledore
Why I chose Riverside: To start, the faculty at this program is unparalleled when it comes to skills, knowledge, and dedication. We reap the benefits of their passion for medicine and teaching. Riverside creates a family atmosphere that you are submersed in, which fosters a great learning environment. Family pushes you to succeed and prepares you for success, which is exactly what happens at this program. Blend together the unparalleled faculty and the family atmosphere, you really cannot ask for a better program.
Advice to Medical Student: ALWAYS recheck, recheck, and recheck your patients....Be yourself, do things for yourself, and focus on yourself...Did I mention recheck your patients?


John Mallow, DOJohn Mallow, MD
Hometown: Plantation, Florida
Undergraduate Education: University of Florida – BS, Biological Sciences
Medical School: Florida Atlantic University, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
EM Interest Areas: Palliative Care, Medical Education, Healthcare Administration
Personal Hobbies: Guitar, Ping Pong, Video games
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “He’s beginning to believe.” – Morpheus
Why I chose Riverside: Happy and the best senior residents you could ask for, enthusiastic and well-known faculty led by Dr. Knoop, a beautiful hospital, and coastal city (Newport News is basically urban South Florida), I am constantly reaffirmed of my choice to match at Riverside. I feel valued not only as a resident, but as a future Emergency Medicine physician, be it through our plentiful residency “add-ons” or passionate administration and faculty, you truly feel like you are part of the healthcare team. In retrospect, you will be troubled to find a more diverse and sicker patient population pathology-wise than you will at Riverside.
Advice to Medical Student: It is 110% OK to make mistakes, just be willing to learn from them!


Patrick O'Connell, DOPatrick O’Connell, DO
Hometown- Newport News, VA
Undergraduate- Virginia Tech- Biological Sciences
Medical School- VCOM- VA campus
EM interest areas- Ultrasound/Wilderness Medicine
Personal Hobbies- Soccer, Rock climbing, Snowboarding, Tennis, Live Music
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." -Babe Ruth
Why I chose Riverside: The direct interaction and one-on-one time with the attendings you receive at Riverside is unmatched. As a medical student, I truly felt like I was a part of the team. This created a very relaxed teaching environment, allowing me to be myself and stay focused on learning emergency medicine.
Advice to Medical Student: Relax! Trust yourself. You know much more than you think you do. Most importantly, enjoy your shift!


Kaitlin Tagg, DOKaitlin Tagg, DO
Hometown: Naples, FL
Undergraduate: Florida State University, Go Noles!
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Lakewood Ranch, FL
EM Interest Areas: Pediatrics, Disaster medicine, Ultrasound
Personal Hobbies: Relaxing with family and friends, long walks at parks/hiking trails with my dogs, Starbucks, Baking, Home improvement/design projects
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: To whom much is given, much is expected.
Why I chose Riverside: Each of the academic leaders, directors, attendings, and residency coordinators have gone above and beyond in welcoming our new class and continuously check in on how we are doing and any feedback we must constantly grow the program. The staff truly listen to the residents and care about our growth and success. The attendings love educating and go out of their way to facilitate our learning at every opportunity they get. Riverside provides exceptional, diverse, high-acuity patients with a vast range of pathologies. I have no doubt Riverside’s training will allow me to become a strong, confident, and well-rounded ER physician.
Advice to Medical Student: Work hard, and never stop reaching for your goals. Push yourself outside your comfort zone and treat failures as opportunities to grow. Support and care for your entire clinical team and always maintain a positive, engaging attitude.


Class of 2020-2023

MatthewAlbrightMatthew Albright, DO
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Undergraduate Education: Old Dominion University – Biological Sciences
Medical School: Rocky Vista University COM
EM Interest Areas: Ultrasound, EMS, Wilderness Medicine
Personal Hobbies: Surfing, Snowboarding, Cycling, Cooking, Whiskey Tasting/Collecting
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: "Goonies Never Say Die!"
Why I chose Riverside: It was the leadership here. Beyond the fact that riverside had the strongest and most knowledgeable faculty, they also really cared about the education and well being of their residents. There is a real culture of wellness at Riverside, and it translates into the care our patients receive.
Advice to Medical Student: Be early; 10 minutes minimum! Be engaged and interested. Participation is important and how we learn on the job. It is not about perfection. It is the hard work and progress made that truly matters. Be nice to everyone. It’s the golden rule for a reason.


GregoryBoyerGregory Boyer, DO
Hometown: Greencastle, Pa
Undergraduate Education: Liberty University B.S. Biomedical Sciences, Minor in Psychology
Medical School: Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine
EM Interest Areas: International Medicine, Disaster Medicine, Ultrasound
Personal Hobbies: Napping, baking, bonfires (with s’mores), watching movies with friends, musical theater, drinking coffee
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bone.” -Proverbs 17:22
Why I chose Riverside: There are hundreds of Emergency Medicine residency programs across the country that I could have applied to, but there were none that appreciated, encouraged, and challenged me more than Riverside did. I am a valued team member here, on shift and off, and I am confident that the skills and training I receive here will help me be the best EM physician possible.
Advice to Medical Student: Eat when you can, Sleep when you can, Don’t mess with the pancreas


AlannaDAmelioAlanna Marie D'Amelio, DO
Hometown: Watertown, CT
Undergraduate Education: The University of Tampa, BS
Major: Biology, Pre-Professional health concentration
Minor: Psychology
Medical School: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
EM Interest Areas: Global Health, Pediatrics, Ultrasound
Personal Hobbies: Traveling, exercising, practicing mindfulness, anxiety cleaning/landscaping, thunderstorm enthusiast
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: "People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do".
Why I chose Riverside: From the moment I stepped foot onto Riverside on interview day I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging. I was very excited about the unique opportunity to be part of an inaugural class and trusted the leadership and vision of this EM program. I was looking for a program where I could give as much as I receive, in an environment where personal wellness and team collaboration are the foundations of excellent patient care, and Riverside has exceeded every expectation! The culture that Riverside embodies is truly special and I am grateful every day to be a part of this community!
Advice to Medical Student: Take time for the things that make your soup happy! Surround yourself with people that make you better. Be present, be enthusiastic, be grateful and be positive every day. Your focus will determine your reality.


JaredFernandezJared Fernandez DO, MA
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Undergraduate Education: University of California, Irvine - BS, Biological Sciences
Medical School: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
EM Interest Areas: Wilderness Medicine, Ultrasound, Social Determinants of Health
Personal Hobbies: Rock climbing, weightlifting, camping/backpacking, running
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “The answer is always no if you don’t ask”
Why I chose Riverside: Riverside was right for me because of their amazing and supportive staff of doctors and administrators. They all genuinely care about their residents and the greater good of the community. The educators here not only address the need to train medically competent emergency medicine physicians, they also help us address the fields of personal finance, hospital administration, and work/life balance.
Advice to Medical Student: “Be honest, work hard”, “Show up every day as who you want to be”, “Make sure to take care of yourself before you try to take care of others”, “Be comfortable with saying you don’t know because figuring it out is a path to helping and being a pretender is a path to hurting”.


ChristopherGlynnChristopher Glynn, MD, MBA
Hometown: Frederick, MD
Undergraduate Education: B.S. in Kinesiology, University of Maryland
Medical School: American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
EM Interest Areas: Sports Medicine, EMS, Public Policy/Administration
Personal Hobbies: My family, sports (football, lacrosse, rugby), beach life, fitness, Jeopardy
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” – Henry Ford
Why I chose Riverside: Riverside checked so many boxes for myself and my family. In addition to the great faculty, led by Dr. Knoop, the facilities are beautiful, the Hampton roads area is incredible for families with all the beaches and attractions and retail, and they really make us feel valued as residents and future physicians. I truly feel cared for and respected by our colleagues and mentors.
Advice to Medical Student: Be on time, learn something new every day, be proactive, follow up on your patients.


StevenPappasSteven Pahl Pappas, DO
Hometown: Botetourt, VA
Undergraduate Education: Virginia Tech, Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise
Medical School: VCOM-Virginia
EM Interest Areas: EMS, Global EM, Diversity and Inclusion
Personal Hobbies: Backpacking, swimming, anything Star Wars, trusting the process
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “Do, or do not. There is no try” -Yoda
Why I chose Riverside: The culture of the hospital really emphasizes teamwork and team support, you feel welcome and part of the team from day one. The location has a variety of patient populations and presents a great training opportunity. Finally, the faculty and staff are absolutely fantastic and go out of their way to make our experience awesome!
Advice to Medical Student: Actively look for opportunities to learn/do procedures, find a good mentor, reach out to us with any questions you have, find a few fun things to do during away rotations to get to know the area you’re in! Everything will be ok.


AhmedSalemAhmed Salem, DO
Hometown: Kissimmee, Florida
Undergraduate Education: University of Central Florida- Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences
Medical School: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
EM Interest Areas: Ultrasound, Medical Education, Health Care Administration
Personal Hobbies: Fitness, Sports, Beach
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions
Why I chose Riverside: I chose Riverside because I wanted to be part of the growth and development of a new program. Riverside has faculty from various training backgrounds (academic, community, military) who are very enthusiastic about having emergency medicine residents. Riversides’ Level 2 trauma designation makes for a variety of pathology and excellent training opportunities.
Advice to Medical Student: Work hard. Listen to and follow up on your patients. Be yourself!


AnthonyZaffinoAnthony Zaffino, MD
Hometown: Crown Point, IN
Undergraduate Education: Purdue University, BS in Biology
Medical School: Midwestern University, AZCOM
EM Interest Areas: Education, Global Health, Wilderness Medicine
Personal Hobbies: Hiking, Reading, Basketball, Gaming
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “Don’t Panic” - Douglas Adams
Why I chose Riverside: The culture at Riverside is second to none. They have been trying to get an EM Residency started here for decades and the excitement throughout the faculty and staff is very obvious. While we are a new program, Riverside has had Portsmouth Naval Residents rotating through the department every month for years and the entire department has extensive experience training residents.
Advice to Medical Student: We don’t expect you to know everything. Don’t freak out about every mistake (see #1). Be teachable. Have fun! Don’t forget how much you love EM (we have a cool job!)