Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Welcome to the Riverside Emergency Medicine Residency Program!

Since 1935, physician education has been a major focus for Riverside Regional Medical Center. Centrally located in Newport News, Virginia and Established in 2019, the RRMC Emergency Medicine Residency strives to fully encompass the Riverside Care Difference, our commitment to safety, healing, kindness and respect.

The residency is a PGY 1-3 year program with 8 residents per year. Our Emergency Medicine Residency prides itself on clinical experience and acuity, faculty and mentorship and the educational resources and innovations provided to the residents. Riverside's Emergency Medicine Residency is a firmly established program within a health system devoted to physician education, development, and excellence.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Dynamic and Innovative Program: Our emergency medicine residency is constantly evolving, driven by valuable resident experiences and feedback. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of medical education and continuously improving our curriculum to ensure our residents receive the best training possible.
  • Varied Clinical Exposure: Gain invaluable experience across a spectrum of settings, from bustling suburban emergency departments to rural facilities and pediatric emergency medicine.
  • Graduated Responsibility and Unique Challenges: Over the course of our three-year program, you will embrace a progressive model of learning, taking on increasing responsibilities and facing exciting challenges at each stage.
  • Integral Role in Patient Care: As a resident in our program, you will play an essential role in providing top-notch patient care within the emergency department. Our emphasis on hands-on experience and simulations ensures you are prepared to handle real-life medical situations with confidence and competence.
  • Premier Pediatric Experience: Throughout all three years, you will have the privilege of participating in integrated pediatric emergency shifts at renowned institutions such as Children's Hospital of Richmond, VCU, and Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters. This exposure allows you to master pediatric emergency care, preparing you for the unique challenges of treating young patients.
  • Expert Attending Physicians: Learn from a distinguished team of attending physicians, each specializing in various areas of emergency medicine, including basic and clinical research, cardiovascular emergencies, critical care, education, emergency medical services, neurological emergencies, simulation, toxicology, ultrasound, wilderness medicine, SWAT, and search and rescue.
  • Extensive Trauma and Critical Care Experience: Our program offers immersive trauma and critical care training, both within the emergency department and beyond.
  • Supportive Environment and Mentorship: At our residency, we foster a supportive and collegial atmosphere where mentorship is highly valued. Our experienced faculty is dedicated to guiding and empowering you, enabling you to reach your full potential as a compassionate and skilled emergency medicine physician.