Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Amanda Polsinelli_MDAmanda Polsinelli, M.D.
Program Director

Hometown: Hampton Roads, VA
Undergraduate Education: Virginia Tech, Chemical Engineering
Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Residency/Fellowship Training: University of Cincinnati Emergency Medicine
EM Interest Areas: Clinical teaching, EPIC physician builder, Data analytics
Personal Hobbies: Piano, flute, running, sailing, diving (very new hobby)
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: Onward and upward
Teaching/Training Philosophy: With each shift I set clear expectations for learners. I believe that they gain knowledge proportional to the ownership they take in each patient encounter. As such, I give them space to experience the pressure of owning their patients and the satisfaction of knowing they were key in that patient’s care. I have an open dialogue throughout the shift discussing clinical management as well as the myriad of systems, patient care and team dynamic considerations of practicing in an ED setting.
Why Riverside?: I moved to the area to be closer to my family. Riverside played a big role in my own family’s story when my father was treated here for an AVM hemorrhage, so it was an obvious place to start my job search. After meeting the team here I was sold.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Most of us have stories of knowing when we found our fit at a program. It's an intangible thing. But, when you are looking around, make sure you understand what the patient population is, the various practice settings that you will work in (academic, rural, community, etc.), and the hospital training environment. You likely have a general idea of where you'd like to end up working so you want your training to prepare you for that goal. Also talk with current residents there about the culture of the program, the peer group that they work with and the faculty they train with. That will give you a true sense of the community you will be joining.


Elena Garrett MDElena Garrett, M.D., FACEP
Emergency Medicine Department Chairman

Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut
Undergraduate Education: The College of William and Mary
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia
Residency/Fellowship Training: Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia
EM Interest Areas: Medical Quality, ED Operations, Trauma & Pediatric Care
Personal Hobbies: Downhill & water skiing, travel, boating, reading
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: "In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind”; “Sometimes you have to put your big girl boots on and show them how to use the pointy end".
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Remain focused on what is best for the patient and the rest will follow. When unsure or stuck, go back to the beginning and never be afraid to ask for help. Emergency Medicine is a team sport.
Why Riverside?: High acuity, high complexity and high volume all contribute to an environment of continued learning and improvement. When combined with a true sense of team and community, you have the Riverside experience.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Seek out a program that provides you with the greatest breadth of experiences in Emergency Medicine. Ask questions and try new ways of doing things. Always remember that every member of the team has something to teach you every day, never miss those opportunities.


Medical Director, Riverside Simulation Training Lab
Adjunct Faculty

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio
Undergraduate Education: United States Naval Academy, B.S. Chemistry (1996)
Medical School: University of Miami School of Medicine (2005)
Residency/Fellowship Training: Emergency Medicine, Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (2012)
EM Interest Areas: Simulation, ultrasound, education
Personal Hobbies: Martial arts, motorcycle touring, flying
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Emergency Medicine is hectic. Every now and then you just need to take a pause to ensure that you haven’t missed something. If you listen, your patients will tell you what’s wrong with them.
Why Riverside?: In my experience here, the system works well, the team members are collegial and work together and there is a tangible sense of community.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Ask a lot of questions. It is just as important for you to find a residency that fits with your goals and aspirations as it is for the program to choose qualified applicants. At the end of the day, enjoy the journey, and always keep learning.


BeauchampBarbara Beauchamp, M.D.
Core Faculty

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona 
Undergraduate Education: University of Arizona, BS (2010) 
Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine (2017) 
Residency/Fellowship Training: Emergency Medicine, Virginia Tech Carilion (2020), Eastern Virginia Medical School Academic Emergency Medicine Fellowship (2021) 
EM Interest Areas: medical education, wellness 
Personal Hobbies: spending time with friends and family, discovering new breweries and wineries, training my dogs, and baking 
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin 
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Residency is a time to learn, question what you have been taught, and challenge yourself. It is a time of extreme growth. Finding the right mentors will help you determine the type of physician you want to be. 
Why Riverside?: Riverside has many great learning opportunities because of its acuity and complexity. The best part is that you work with amazing people who truly care about what they do and about you. Everyone is on the same team.  
Advice To Residency Candidates: Find the place to challenge you, help you grow into an amazing Emergency Medicine physician, and have people who seem like your people. Many residencies are amazing, but go with what feels right.  


CliffordChristianne Clifford, D.O.
Core Faculty

Hometown: Auburn, CA
Undergraduate Education: Point Loma Nazarene University (2004)
Medical School: Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (2009)
Residency/Fellowship Training: Emergency Medicine, SAUSHEC, san antonio tx, military residency (2012)
EM Interest Areas: EMS, wilderness medicine
Personal Hobbies: Outdoor activities such as mountain biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking. I also enjoy wood working. 
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: "Go forth and heal"
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Residency is a unique opportunity to learn how to become a Dr. You have been given the base knowledge, now you get to hone your skills and learn how to become the doctor you want to be.  Find a mentor that speaks your learning language and is able to guide and support you on this 3 year journey.
Why Riverside?: Riverside is able to provide you with many learning opportunities while maintaining a team atmosphere. it is a group that is invested in helping you become a great doctor.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Look for a residency where you feel you can become a part of a team that is fostering your learning goals. 


TimothyTimothy “Shane” Forsythe, D.O.
Associate Program Director

Hometown: Smithfield, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: Virginia Tech, Bachelor of Science - Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise
Medical School: VCOM- Virginia Campus
Residency/Fellowship Training: Emergency Medicine at Kent Hospital, Rhode Island
EM Interest Areas: Wilderness Medicine, Hyperbaric Therapy, Medical Education
Personal Hobbies: High performance driving events, remote control aircraft, hiking
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Medical school was designed to build a solid foundation of knowledge. Residency is when you learn the art of medicine. Each case is unique and always has a learning opportunity.
Advice To Residency Candidates: You are entering a field that requires significant professionalism and self-confidence. Displaying these attributes during your interview and it will outshine any blemish in your application.


Kabir MilitaryKazi Imran Kabir, D.O.
Core Faculty

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Undergraduate Education: College of William & Mary. BA in Philosophy & Psychology
Medical School: VCOM, Virginia 
EM Interest Areas: Medical Education, Flight Medicine, Tactical Medicine, & Global Medicine 
Personal Hobbies: Surfing, Snowboarding, Long Boarding, Basketball, Guitar, Dancing, and Cooking
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: "Success is moving from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill
Why I chose Riverside: I chose Riverside because it is a diamond in the rough, a hidden gem in the realm of Emergency Medicine. The spectrum of pathology that presents itself in this ER is vast, providing a constant challenge and opportunity for growth. The adrenaline rush of handling a wide variety of cases and never knowing what might come through those doors excites and motivates me every day. Moreover, the abundance of trauma cases keeps me on my toes, constantly honing my skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible care in critical situations. Beyond the clinical aspects, I chose Riverside for the exceptional sense of camaraderie and support among its team members. From the moment I walked through the doors, I was embraced by a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone, from the leadership to the staff, made a concerted effort to make me feel at home. It became apparent to me that feeling comfortable and valued in the workplace is crucial to fostering a sense of fulfillment and happiness in one's job. Riverside offered me the perfect blend of professional challenges and a supportive, nurturing environment. I firmly believe that you have to genuinely like the people you work with to be truly happy in your job, and I found that sense of camaraderie and mutual respect at Riverside.
Advice to Medical Students: 1. Be hungry: Take every opportunity to gain hands-on experience by seeing as many patients as possible. Patient interactions are invaluable for developing clinical skills, building empathy, and understanding the human side of medicine. Stay late. 2. Know your decision-making tools: In emergency medicine, quick and accurate decision-making is vital. Familiarize yourself with clinical guidelines, evidence-based practices, and algorithms to efficiently assess and manage patients in critical situations. 3. Be yourself: As you grow in your medical career, it's easy to compare yourself to others. Remember that you have unique strengths and qualities to offer. Embrace your individuality and let your authentic self-shine in patient interactions and team collaborations.


Kevin KnoopKevin J. Knoop, M.D., MS
Program Director Emeritus
Adjunct Faculty

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, BA 
Graduate School: Old Dominion University, MS Education 
Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School 
Residency/Fellowship Training: Emergency Medicine, University of Cincinnati 
EM Interest Areas: Clinical photography and video in medical education; ocular injuries and conditions; graduate medical education; international medical education
Personal Hobbies: Beekeeping, golf, local flora and gardening, underwater photography, flying
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “Proceed until apprehended” / “Overlearning is Underrated!”
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Practicing emergency medicine is an endeavor of lifelong learning. Strive to aggressively build your fund of knowledge and clinical experience to attain mastery of emergency medicine in three short years. Then constantly refresh your learned skills while scanning the landscape for new advances in practice. Find gratification and validation in bringing even the smallest amount of comfort to patients during their ED visit and burnout will not be in your vocabulary.
Why Riverside?: The three legs under the stool of the residency include the rich pathology, the incredibly talented faculty who have been teaching residents for over 30 years, and the institutional support and milieu. Riverside graduates are now the forth leg under this stool, creating a legacy going forward for years to come. The Riverside ‘care difference’ is palpable and permeates every level of the organization. The mission is admirable and the support for this training program continues to be amazing. 
Advice To Residency Candidates: Your success in emergency medicine depends upon your ability/capability to prepare yourself for the challenges of the specialty, both as a resident and as a lifelong learner. You will be most successful when that preparation includes balance between your professional and your personal life. If one suffers, the other will follow suit. Look for a program that understands this philosophy and supports it, while challenging you beyond your perceived limits. Do what you can to maximize your preparation and transition to residency, learn about programs that you feel comfortable with and excited to be a part of. Reach out to programs that resonate with your goals and aspirations and if you can, schedule an in-person interview or site visit. There is nothing like seeing the people, the institution and the geographical area to cement which program is the best fit.


CaraCara Marie Jackson, D.O.
Core Faculty

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Biology
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Blacksburg Campus
Residency/Fellowship Training: Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, Emergency Medicine
EM Interest Areas: EMS, International Medicine, Education
Personal Hobbies: Beach days, music, and international missions trips.
Teaching/Training Philosophy: I believe residency is the time to learn and question everything you have been taught about medicine. This will be the time you find mentors who will challenge you and push you to become the best you can be.
Why Riverside?: Riverside is the perfect environment to train. We have high acuity, complex cases, but still have the feel of a small community hospital. You will leave your training able to work at a large university hospital and a small rural emergency department.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Every residency program will teach you how to be a good physician. A great residency program will help you learn to balance work, education, and personal life. Find a program that encourages their residents to engage in their passions and yet still challenge them to be the best doctors they can be.


Adrianna KyleAdrianna Kyle, D.O.
Core Faculty

Hometown: Yorktown, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: The College of William and Mary
Medical School: The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency/Fellowship Training: Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command Portsmouth for both
EM Interest Areas: Point of Care Ultrasound, Medical Education
Personal Hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends; exercise, good food and good company
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: "Listen to your patient; he is telling you the diagnosis" - Sir William Osler
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Never carry a coffin alone and the patient is always sick until proven otherwise. Always do what’s right for the patient.
Why Riverside?: After a nine month deployment to Iraq, I came home and knew I had to keep seeing trauma.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Every complaint comes with at least five lethal diagnoses in the differential; if you can work your way through the why or why not of each of them, you’ll fit right in. If the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that EM Physicians are the most resilient and versatile of the specialties. When all the doors close, ours always remain open to every gender, color, cohort, complaint. I’ve never been more proud to work alongside such incredibly talented colleagues whom I respect deeply for risking their well-being every day as the pandemic surges once again. We look forward to seeing you among our ranks.


MartinMartin A. Payne, M.D., FACEP
ABEM Emergency Medicine
ABEM Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Core Faculty

Hometown: Newport News, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: Virginia Tech: BS Forest Resource Management (1983); Old Dominion University: BS Biology (1992)
Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School (1996)
Residency/Fellowship Training: Eastern Virginia Medical School (2000)
EM Interest Areas: Palliative care, disaster medicine, tactical medicine
Personal Hobbies: Hiking, Alpine and Nordic skiing, knife-making
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” -- Joseph Campbell
Teaching/Training Philosophy: I have long been enamored with how we learn to be physicians. We are apprentices and journeymen in an amazing craft. I am honored to be a part of the process.
Why Riverside?: I think that Riverside is almost uniquely situated to provide a robust training program. Our community is diverse. Our hospital is large enough to provide a wide range of services, yet small enough to maintain a collegial relationship with others on staff.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Of course, we’re delighted that you are interested in Riverside. Look at each of the programs and their residents. Ask, “Is this my tribe?” Is this a group with which I want to spend three or more years? We hope that we’re it for you.


headshot of Anthony ZaffinoAnthony Zaffino, D.O.
Core Faculty

Hometown: Crown Point, IN
Undergraduate Education: BS in Biology from Purdue University
Medical School: AZCOM (Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine)
Residency/Fellowship Training: Riverside Regional Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency
EM Interest Areas: Simulation, Airway, Evidence Based Medicine
Personal Hobbies: Hiking/Camping, Basketball, Reading, Travel
Favorite Quote: "Don't Panic" - Douglas Adams
Teaching Philosophy: "Keep in mind that progress is not always linear. It takes constant course collecting and often a lot of zigzagging." - Buzz Aldrin. Medicine is a job of lifelong learning that can be frustrating and extremely challenging at times. But that doesn't mean it can't be a whole lot of fun too. Find joy in your successes, learn from but don't dwell on your failures, and you'll realize just how rewarding our work can be. 
Why Riverside?: I wouldn't be an Emergency Medicine Physician without this program. I was part of the inaugural class and while I'm extremely grateful for what I learned during my time here and I truly believe it has prepared me well to practice EM, I also think it can grow into something truly extraordinary. And I'm extremely excited to be a part of that
Advice to candidates: Come to work ready to see and do some fun stuff because we have the coolest job in medicine, bar none. Be ready to help with anything and everything because EM is a team sport, more so than any other specialty. If you come to rotation with passion and a collaborative attitude, everything else will follow.