Emergency Medicine Residency Program
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Kevin KnoopKevin J. Knoop, M.D., MS
Program Director

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, BA (1974)
Graduate School: Old Dominion University, MS Education (1980)
Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School (1985)
Residency/Fellowship Training: Emergency Medicine, University of Cincinnati (1993)
EM Interest Areas: Clinical photography and video in medical education; ocular injuries and conditions; graduate medical education; international medical education
Personal Hobbies: Beekeeping, golf, local flora and gardening, underwater photography, flying
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “Overlearning is Underrated”
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Practicing emergency medicine is an endeavor of lifelong learning. Strive to aggressively build your fund of knowledge and clinical experience to attain mastery of emergency medicine in three short years. Then constantly refresh your learned skills while scanning the landscape for new advances in practice. Find gratification and validation in bringing even the smallest amount of comfort to patients during their ED visit and burnout will not be in your vocabulary.
Why Riverside?: I have watched Riverside Health System mature for the past two decades. I have long advocated for a residency in emergency medicine because of the rich pathology, the incredibly talented faculty, and the institutional milieu. The Riverside ‘care difference’ is palpable and permeates every level of the organization. The mission is admirable and the support for this training program has been amazing. This has especially been the case in the era of the pandemic where PPE has always been available, and the health care team has been at the forefront of medical advances and approaches that COVID-19 has required.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Your success in emergency medicine depends upon your ability/capability to prepare yourself for the challenges of the specialty, both as a resident and as a lifelong learner. You will be most successful when that preparation includes balance between your professional and your personal life. If one suffers, the other will follow suit. Look for a program that understands this philosophy and supports it, while challenging you beyond your perceived limits. Finally, the normal pathway to your preparation for residency training in EM has been disrupted due to limitations on your medical school education endorsed by every national organization involved in US Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education. You are truly in a unique and unprecedented situation. Do what you can to maximize your preparation and transition to residency, learn about programs that you feel comfortable with and excited to be a part of, and this year, don’t hesitate to reach out to programs that resonate with your goals and aspirations.


GaryGary Stuart Kavit, M.D., FACEP
Emergency Medicine Department Chairman

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: Hampden Sydney College
Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School
Residency/Fellowship Training: Pediatrics - Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Emergency Medicine - Long Island Jewish Medical Center
EM Interest Areas: Pediatric emergency medicine, pediatric ortho, ED administration, ED design, ED psychiatric care
Personal Hobbies: Fishing, gardening, personal finance
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: Design clinical processes for the masses not the exceptions. Do what is best for the patient in front of you now and deal with the administrative failings on the back end.
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Early learners are here to learn, not move the meat. As EM residents advance in training they need to assume more departmental responsibility.
Why Riverside?: Riverside offers a collaborative respectful environment for learning. There is limited competition from other off service rotators in the department. The health system has a long history of medical education with recent commitment of a simulation lab in a community hospital setting. The coastal mid-Atlantic location offers a myriad of recreational options for your time off and wellness activities.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Choose a Residency that sees and values what you will be bringing to the program. The learner educator relationship should be a symbiotic relationship. Both should benefit from the experience.


JohnJohn E. Alex, M.D., CHSE-A, RDMS, FACEP, FAAEM
Simulation Center Director
Adjunct Faculty

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio
Undergraduate Education: United States Naval Academy, B.S. Chemistry (1996)
Medical School: University of Miami School of Medicine (2005)
Residency/Fellowship Training: Emergency Medicine, Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (2012)
EM Interest Areas: Simulation, ultrasound, education
Personal Hobbies: Martial arts, motorcycle touring, flying
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Emergency Medicine is hectic. Every now and then you just need to take a pause to ensure that you haven’t missed something. If you listen, your patients will tell you what’s wrong with them.
Why Riverside?: In my experience here, the system works well, the team members are collegial and work together and there is a tangible sense of community.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Ask a lot of questions. It is just as important for you to find a residency that fits with your goals and aspirations as it is for the program to choose qualified applicants. At the end of the day, enjoy the journey, and always keep learning.


KylieKylie Rae Conroy, D.O.
Core Faculty

Hometown: Carrollton, Texas
Undergraduate Education: Baylor University; Loyola Marymount University, B.S. in Natural Sciences
Medical School: Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences
Residency/Fellowship Training: University of Arizona, Banner University Medical Center Tucson, Arizona
EM Interest Areas: Medical education, sports medicine, wellness
Personal Hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends; fitness; lifestyle and wellness coaching; discovering new breweries and wineries
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast
Teaching/Training Philosophy: There is WAY more to being a great doctor than the clinical knowledge. Don’t let fear steal opportunity. Ask all the questions; do all the things.
Why Riverside?: At Riverside, it feels like everyone is on the same team. The environment is rich with learning opportunities and resources. The people here care about each other and what we are doing each day. This is reflected is our mission, “To care for others as we would care for those we love — to enhance their well-being and improve their health.” In this residency program we not only treat our patients in this manner, but each other as well.
Advice To Residency Candidates: I believe you learn best in an environment you feel comfortable in. Find your people, and you will flourish.


TimothyTimothy “Shane” Forsythe, D.O.
Core Faculty

Hometown: Smithfield, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: Virginia Tech, Bachelor of Science - Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise
Medical School: VCOM- Virginia Campus
Residency/Fellowship Training: Emergency Medicine at Kent Hospital, Rhode Island
EM Interest Areas: Wilderness Medicine, Hyperbaric Therapy, Medical Education
Personal Hobbies: High performance driving events, remote control aircraft, hiking
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Medical school was designed to build a solid foundation of knowledge. Residency is when you learn the art of medicine. Each case is unique and always has a learning opportunity.
Advice To Residency Candidates: You are entering a field that requires significant professionalism and self-confidence. Displaying these attributes during your interview and it will outshine any blemish in your application.


BryantBryant Gray, D.O.
Core Faculty

Hometown: King and Queen County, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: The University of Virginia’s College at Wise, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University – DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency/Fellowship Training: Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark, NJ - Emergency Medicine Residency, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark, NJ - EMS and Disaster Medicine Fellowship
EM Interest Areas: Tactical EMS, resuscitation, fixed-wing medical transport, medical education
Personal Hobbies: Traveling, snorkeling, fishing, spending time with family
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.” – Booker T. Washington; “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” - Anatole France
Teaching/Training Philosophy: My goal is to create an environment of guided supervision where the resident can develop their style of practice in a safe manner. To see and do every aspect of emergency medicine will not be possible in most situations, but after training, the resident should be more than capable in determining how to solve the issue at hand with learned critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I want interviewing personnel to see that a candidate trained at Riverside for Emergency Medicine and have a sense of confidence and relief knowing the applicant is going to be an excellent emergency physician.
Why Riverside?: I chose Riverside years ago when I first developed an interest in medicine as a volunteer and have since worked in many different areas. Riverside’s motto of caring for patients as you would want your loved ones cared for is honestly practiced every day and is an organization I wanted to be associated with. I also enjoy that although RRMC is a large hospital/trauma center with a robust specialty service lineup and various teaching programs, there is still that community feel!
Advice To Residency Candidates: Choose the place that makes you feel most at home. You will be spending some of your worse and best days with this group of people. Make sure the area you choose is somewhere you (and your family if applicable) will enjoy living in. Understand that you will need support from others throughout the process especially as “life” happens. Ask questions about any and everything (the program, faculty, diversity, patient population, research opportunities, etc.)


CaraCara Marie Jackson, DO
Core Faculty

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Biology
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Blacksburg Campus
Residency/Fellowship Training: Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, Emergency Medicine
EM Interest Areas: EMS, International Medicine, Education
Personal Hobbies: Beach days, music, and international missions trips.
Teaching/Training Philosophy: I believe residency is the time to learn and question everything you have been taught about medicine. This will be the time you find mentors who will challenge you and push you to become the best you can be.
Why Riverside?: Riverside is the perfect environment to train. We have high acuity, complex cases, but still have the feel of a small community hospital. You will leave your training able to work at a large university hospital and a small rural emergency department.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Every residency program will teach you how to be a good physician. A great residency program will help you learn to balance work, education, and personal life. Find a program that encourages their residents to engage in their passions and yet still challenge them to be the best doctors they can be.


Adrianna KyleAdrianna Kyle, DO
Core Faculty

Hometown: Yorktown, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: The College of William and Mary
Medical School: The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency/Fellowship Training: Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command Portsmouth for both
EM Interest Areas: Point of Care Ultrasound, Medical Education
Personal Hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends; exercise, good food and good company
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: "Listen to your patient; he is telling you the diagnosis" - Sir William Osler
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Never carry a coffin alone and the patient is always sick until proven otherwise. Always do what’s right for the patient.
Why Riverside?: After a nine month deployment to Iraq, I came home and knew I had to keep seeing trauma.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Every complaint comes with at least five lethal diagnoses in the differential; if you can work your way through the why or why not of each of them, you’ll fit right in. If the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that EM Physicians are the most resilient and versatile of the specialties. When all the doors close, ours always remain open to every gender, color, cohort, complaint. I’ve never been more proud to work alongside such incredibly talented colleagues whom I respect deeply for risking their well-being every day as the pandemic surges once again. We look forward to seeing you among our ranks.


NathanNathaniel “Nate” Minnick, D.O., FACEP

Core Faculty

Hometown: Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan
Undergraduate Education: Biology, History of Art; University of Michigan
Medical School: VCOM
Residency/Fellowship Training: St. John Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit
EM Interest Areas: Risk management, observation medicine, neuro-imaging, resident education
Personal Hobbies: Musicology, film history, technology innovation at home
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: Life is flexiflication and confidence
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Now is the time to put a resident into stressful conditions, while they have supervision. The first time to feel stressed isn’t as an attending without supervision.
Why Riverside?: They keep offering me more jobs.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Don’t worry about (institutional) names, ability to moon-light or program differences in salaries. These won’t change your training. Worry about what fits you and where you fit in.


MartinMartin A. Payne, M.D., FACEP
ABEM Emergency Medicine
ABEM Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Core Faculty

Hometown: Newport News, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: Virginia Tech: BS Forest Resource Management (1983); Old Dominion University: BS Biology (1992)
Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School (1996)
Residency/Fellowship Training: Eastern Virginia Medical School (2000)
EM Interest Areas: Palliative care, disaster medicine, tactical medicine
Personal Hobbies: Hiking, Alpine and Nordic skiing, knife-making
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” -- Joseph Campbell
Teaching/Training Philosophy: I have long been enamored with how we learn to be physicians. We are apprentices and journeymen in an amazing craft. I am honored to be a part of the process.
Why Riverside?: I think that Riverside is almost uniquely situated to provide a robust training program. Our community is diverse. Our hospital is large enough to provide a wide range of services, yet small enough to maintain a collegial relationship with others on staff.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Of course, we’re delighted that you are interested in Riverside. Look at each of the programs and their residents. Ask, “Is this my tribe?” Is this a group with which I want to spend three or more years? We hope that we’re it for you.


AmandaAmanda Polsinelli, M.D.
Assistant Program Director

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
Undergraduate Education: Virginia Tech, Chemical Engineering
Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Residency/Fellowship Training: University of Cincinnati Emergency Medicine
EM Interest Areas: Medical student clerkship, clinical teaching, EPIC physician builder
Personal Hobbies: Piano, flute, running, sailing (very new hobby)
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: Onward and upward
Teaching/Training Philosophy: With each shift I set clear expectations for learners. I believe that they gain knowledge proportional to the ownership they take in each patient encounter. As such, I give them space to experience the pressure of owning their patients and the satisfaction of knowing they were key in that patient’s care. I have an open dialogue throughout the shift discussing clinical management as well as the myriad of systems, patient care and team dynamic considerations of practicing in an ED setting.
Why Riverside?: I moved to the area to be closer to my family. Riverside played a big role in my own family’s story when my father was treated here for an AVM hemorrhage, so it was an obvious place to start my job search. After meeting the team here, I was sold.
Advice To Residency Candidates: This year is going to be a challenging recruitment year given the limitations we are left with during this pandemic. Try to describe as much about yourself and why you are looking at a geographic area or particular program as you can in your application. Don’t be shy about highlighting your accomplishments either. I know that ED rotations for SLOEs are in limited supply so take total advantage of the chances you get.


scottScott Sparks, M.D., FACEP, RDCS, RDMS
Riverside Health System Director, Ultrasound
Adjunct Faculty

Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia
Undergraduate Education: University of Richmond, B.S.
Medical School: EVMS
Residency/Fellowship Training: VCU
EM Interest Areas: Ultrasound, tactical medicine, EBM
Personal Hobbies: Running, cooking, political history, journalism
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote: Choose the hard right over the easy wrong.
Teaching/Training Philosophy: Run toward the topic that scares you the most. It will serve you well in the future.
Why Riverside?: Riverside has great pathology within its patient population. Perhaps under-stated, but physician- and staff-focused leadership helps retain good providers.
Advice To Residency Candidates: Self-introspection before residency selection is key. Figure out what you need from residency training and the style that will best aid your learning; this will ultimately make you happiest in residency and life and career afterwards.