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Riverside Wellness Program

September 16, 2022

older caucasian man at the Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center in Gloucester

We were given a six-month membership for the wellness program with our purchase of a Main Street Landing, Ryan Home. We were so excited to have a gym within two miles of our home (Healy Avenue, Gloucester) and as soon as we were settled, we made an appointment to meet with Melissa Mabe.

Melissa was awesome at explaining all the programs to us and showing us how to use the equipment (of which there is a lot!!!). We also got the schedule of classes and are happy with the variety.

I try to get to the aquasize class two times a week. There are great instructors and its great exercise with no sweat! I am anticipating trying some of the floor classes soon. Geoff mainly works out on the equipment with occasional lap swimming.

Benefits? The process is slow, but we can see improvement. I have lost 10 pounds since moving to Virginia four months ago (due to watching my diet also). But more importantly, we can do local hikes (Beaverdam Lake being one of our favorites) with greater ease.

I hope all Ryan Homeowners will take advantage of this program. We plan to make it a life-long process, but possibly would not have started it without the free six-month membership.  Thank you, Ryan Homes, Melissa, and the wonderful staff!

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