Riverside Provides Clinical Excellence for Men’s Health

How you take care of your body – the fuel you provide and what you do to stay healthy – will make a significant difference in how your body performs, taking care of you over the years. Your overall health affects every aspect of your male well-being – from growth and development to cancer risks to sexual function. A proactive attitude to health applies to young men when your body is still developing – and through the years as you maintain strength and wellness. 

At Riverside Health System, we follow evidence-based guidelines for a positive approach to men’s health. Our Riverside team can help you get healthier and manage your risks, improving your health over the years. Riverside offers expert care and support for any clinical need or medical condition because we have an entire system of care – dedicated to you. We offer multidisciplinary care that means every member of your health team comes together for a collaborative and unified diagnosis, treatment and management of any health concerns. Our goal is your goal – get healthy and stay healthy.  

Proactive approach helps manage men’s health risks

Based on a recent study, close to 60% of men don’t see their doctors regularly for checkups. They only schedule appointments when they are seriously ill. We know the importance of establishing a baseline for your health, including annual screenings – and monitoring for any changes or new concerns. Our doctors at Riverside want to help keep you healthy and avoid many of the health issues that men face, including:

Our men’s health team of specialists at Riverside strives to keep you healthy – at any age and every phase of life. Adopting healthy lifestyle choices earlier in life will make a significant impact on your health as you age. We help educate young men on the increased risk to their health with tobacco and alcohol use, and help men at any age stop smoking, reduce stress and make choices in moderation. Understanding how to eat healthily and increase exercise will also make a significant and positive impact on getting and staying healthy.  

Helping men learn how to stay healthier 

Your lifestyle choices don’t need to change drastically overnight in a restrictive manner. Gradual changes can help you move toward a much healthier lifestyle. We’ve included three simple “additions” and three simple “subtractions” from your daily choices to help you improve your health and well-being:

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. Get 7-8 hours of restful sleep
  3. Move more – even for 10 minutes
  1. Stop smoking
  2. Eat fewer processed foods
  3. Limit sodas and high-sugar items

Try these changes for a few weeks – and see how you feel. Small changes can deliver big results.

Contact Riverside for men’s health services 

If you do not have a primary care provider, please call 757-534-5352 or make an online appointment with one of our Riverside team members. We can also provide information on specialized care for cardiology, urology, diabetes or cancer services. Let us help you stay healthy.