Eye Care

Hampton Roads Eye Associates offers the latest lens technology in single vision, bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses. Many of the lenses we offer are available in most combinations of the following materials:

The most popular progressive lenses that we offer are Varilux (Panamic, Ellipse, Comfort and Liberty) and Definity. Another line of premium progressive lenses that we offer are the Shamir lenses (Office, Piccolo and Genesis).

Want to prevent or slow vision loss? According to many eye care professionals, the best way to accomplish this is with early detection through regular eye exams.

Even though your vision may be clear, exams can uncover changes in the eye caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, eye tumors, retinal disorders and glaucoma. Some of these have no symptoms in the early stages. Eye exams can also lead to the earliest detection of other serious health problems-including diabetes or hypertension.

Also, children should have their first eye exam before entering kindergarten.

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