Radiation Oncology

When you have cancer and radiation treatment, a team of health professionals takes part in your care. Each has a different role and may be located in different offices or locations. For this reason, you can expect to receive multiple bills for your treatment. For example, you may receive a separate bill from the hospital for services or from the lab for blood work or from Riverside outpatient facilities for the services of the technologists, use of equipment and other related materials.

Your radiation oncologist directs your care by evaluating your cancer and planning and overseeing your radiation therapy. You will also receive a separate bill from the radiation oncology practice. The charges from your radiation oncologist make up what is generally called the “professional services” part of your overall bill.

Insurance concerns

Most health insurance policies and Medicare cover the cost of your treatment. Still, you may want to discuss your policy and potential costs with your carrier and our staff before treatment begins.

  • For information concerning therapy charges, contact your local Radiation Oncology Therapy Center. Our staff can answer questions about billing and insurance claims.
  • If you meet certain criteria, financial assistance from Riverside Health System may be available.
  • Patients receiving radiation therapy for lung prostate or breast cancer can also check with their Patient Navigator for help and concerns about insurance.