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"Investing in top-notch mental health services is not just a choice; it’s essential to nurturing the well-being of our neighbors and loved ones." -Greg Garrett

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Mental Health & Recovery Center

Multidisciplinary teams of psychiatrists, nurses and therapists provide care to those coping with serious behavioral health needs, including depression, anxiety and psychosis. Our evidence-based approach provides personalized treatment plans that allow for continuous care in inpatient and outpatient settings. 

For patients grappling with addiction, Riverside offers personalized, comprehensive treatments, including inpatient detox and outpatient services. In 2022, Riverside launched a new, therapy-led intensive outpatient program that provides invaluable support for patients on the path to sobriety, using national standards of care.

Opened in late 2023, Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center is the first health system in the Commonwealth of Virginia to have a dedicated Psychiatric Emergency Department. Supported in part by philanthropy, the nearly 15,800 square-foot, freestanding facility is located on the Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center campus and is designed to care for patients with mental illnesses, behavioral health concerns and substance abuse disorders who otherwise would go to local medical emergency rooms.

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Your Support Will:

  • Enhance the scope of telemedicine for increased outpatient mental health services to provide a better continuum of care.

  • Augment current case management, referral and admission services to provide superior patient and caregiver support.

  • Expansion of personalized patient and family navigation with the potential to provide meaningful one on one support for thousands of patients and their families.

  • Enhance our behavioral health education throughout the Riverside system and Virginia communities.