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Vonda Firth is the Imaging Supervisor at Riverside Diagnostic Center. She's spent 35 years giving breast cancer screenings. Vonda is herself a breast cancer survivor. "The most important thing I've learned as a caregiver and a patient is that breast cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence," she said. "But early detection is absolutely essential for saving lives."

Vonda cites three reasons women may avoid regular screenings. "The mammogram can be uncomfortable, even painful, especially for younger women," she said. "There's a belief that breast cancer occurs only later in life—not true—and many women can't afford regular screenings. The Riverside Foundation provides funds to cover screenings for women unable to pay for them. A donation to the Cancer Care Fund to support cancer screenings can literally save someone's life."

To help provide funds for life-saving breast cancer screenings, Be a Hero.