The Riverside Care Difference is the way we deliver care and services, as a team, by putting patients and customers at the heart of all we do. It represents our ongoing commitment to provide the best care possible by keeping you safe, helping you heal, treating you with kindness, and respecting your wishes.

Quality care

An unwavering focus on quality care means you can count on us, no matter which Riverside facility you visit. See our results for commonly reported quality measures.

Champions of the Year

Championing safety, healing, kindness and respect

Congratulations to our Champions of the Year! These three went out of their way to deliver safety, healing, kindness and respect .

  • Home Health Nurse Lindsey James, center, was recognized for her commitment to safety for saving a family from a gas leak. She is the Champion of the Year for both the Lifelong Health Division and the health system.
  • Zabrina Brundidge-Little, left, showed kindness and respect when the Brentwood Medical Center had to be evacuated due to a fire alarm. It was 21 degrees that morning, and she offered a patient with no coat a seat in her warm car. She is the Acute Care Champion of the Year.
  • Karla King, right, helped a patient who was having a hard time getting CPAP supplies. She spent countless hours researching charity care and social services, all to help this patient breathe easier. Her commitment to healing makes her the Riverside Medical Group Champion of the Year.


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