Provider Recruitment

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We Want to Exceed your Expectations

We make sure our new providers understand what to expect with the onboarding process at Riverside Health System. Our goal is to make your onboarding experience as positive and proactive as possible.

New Provider Orientation

Onboarding begins with our New Provider Orientation. We provide a comprehensive 4-day orientation, including EMR training, that helps our new providers quickly acclimate to Riverside’s clinical care and operational processes. During new provider orientation, our team offers a wide range of information, designed to ensure you have all the resources, technology and information needed to develop a strong foundation for your long-term success at Riverside.

Grow your Career at Riverside

For new provider hires in the early stage of their career growth – or more established providers ready to expand their reach, we engage providers from the beginning. We ensure that they have opportunities to voice their opinions on clinical care at Riverside – as we continue to enhance and improve our clinical standards.

An opportunity open to all providers is our 9-session provider leadership course – through the Riverside Clinician Leadership Institute (CLI). For both physicians and advanced practice providers, the goal of CLI is to cultivate our physicians and advanced practice providers for greater leadership opportunities within Riverside Health System and the healthcare industry.

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Riverside is Committed to your Success

Whether it’s our commitment to providing leading-edge clinical care, state-of-the-art technology and advanced communications for your clinical practice – or helping you connect outside of work for a life well-lived, your success is critical to us. We’ll help you learn more about our beautiful region and get to know the communities we serve. We’re here to help – every step of the way – even during a global pandemic.

“The System's overall response to the COVID pandemic was outstanding in almost every respect. With this unprecedented adversity, I believe we came closer together as a team. I was proud to be working in Medicine at Riverside. We need to continue to build on this sense of camaraderie.”
~ Terry Thompson (PEA 2021) - Riverside Health System Advanced Practice Provider

90-Day Reunion Provides Feedback Opportunities

As part of a continuous improvement mindset at Riverside, our recruitment team checks in with all new providers after 90 days to gather feedback on our provider’s initial experiences and share additional information on working at Riverside Health System. In this all-day session, our team welcomes feedback on experiences with recruitment and onboarding, and recently hired providers also have an opportunity to connect with other providers to share what works and learn how to improve our processes.

APP Onboarding and Beyond

Advanced Practice Provider onboarding uses a standardized checklist for managers and preceptors based on input received during the 90-day feedback sessions. Also, upon completion of the 90-day onboarding, our APP Mentoring Committee helps link new APPs with a mentor for the remainder of the year. We find our new hires appreciate having a dedicated resource to address any questions or concerns during the first year.

Staying Connected at Riverside

With recruitment at Riverside Health System, we stand by our goal of retention beyond recruitment. We want our providers to connect with others within our system, but also across professional connections within the region, state and beyond. Riverside hosts numerous opportunities to connect with other clinical professionals – from our 13th Annual Stroke Symposium or 30th Annual Hampton Roads Trauma Symposium to our 10th Annual AAP Conference.


Learn More about Riverside Onboarding

If you have any questions about the provider recruitment process or onboarding specifically, reach out to our recruitment team, and we’ll get answers to your questions.

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