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Connect at Riverside and Beyond

Riverside Health System provides opportunities to connect professionally within our system of care, across the region – and beyond – through clinical care affiliations and the many annual conferences that Riverside hosts each year, including:

Connecting through Common Goals

Committees are a shared experience at every organization, but the difference at Riverside is that we want our providers to participate and engage. By working together in clinical care, across committees and through leadership opportunities, our providers contribute to improvements in clinical processes and help refine high-quality patient care.

Internal Provider Connections

For daily provider connections, Riverside Medical Group offers professional connections across 700+ providers. The strength of our clinical team provides a wealth of knowledge, best practices and opportunities to share experiences for what works best for clinical care – and patient experiences.

From communications with service line chiefs to team member meetings and impromptu chats with colleagues, providers find that they have the support of many within our collegial environment. With our mentoring program for the first year after hire, new providers have an immediate resource to reach out to for questions or clarity on processes.

Dedicated APP Professional Connections

Advanced Practice Providers account for a full 30% of the provider workforce at Riverside, so our APP presence is significant. Professional connections develop and grow through our annual Riverside APP Conference and membership in local networks such as the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners and the Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants. Our dedicated Advanced Practice Committee brings our team of nurse practitioners, physician assistants and certified nurse midwives from across the system together – for items that need attention and to determine an action plan.


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