Provider Recruitment

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Recruitment at Riverside Health System means more than interviewing for a new career position. We build relationships from the start of our communications because our goal is to find a great fit for a long and fulfilling career. Our goal isn’t just recruitment – it’s retention with a successful work/life balance.

We encourage an open dialogue and will get answers to questions or requests for more information about working at Riverside, our Riverside Medical Group or the communities we serve. If you would like to speak to our Provider Recruitment Manager, please email or call 757-316-5838.

We Respect your Preferences

For everything from initial communications to helping provider candidates with location preferences, we respect your wishes and personal career goals. To be able to communicate in your preferred method, please complete this quick form that will inform us of the best way to connect with you. 

Guidance through the Recruitment Process

Our team is available for support through every step of the recruitment process. We provide detailed information on what to expect in the interview process and an information checklist as a quick reference. As part of your understanding of working at Riverside, we’ll also provide information about onboarding at Riverside and professional development opportunities.

We hope you’ll also let us know of anything you’d like to see or learn about our Riverside locations or southeastern Virginia. We know a great career fit means a match between clinical excellence and personal well-being – for both you and your family.

Need More Information?

For questions or if you would like more information about recruitment at Riverside Health System, please reach out to one of our team members.

Find your next opportunity at Riverside

If Riverside sounds like the right fit for you, please contact our recruitment team for more information or review our open provider positions.

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To discuss career opportunities or answer your questions, we’re just a phone call away.