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Riverside Health System offers expanded professional development resources for advanced practice providers, including Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Nurse-Midwives. As valued members of the Riverside team, we strive to keep our APP team members engaged and fulfilled in their careers at Riverside. We support each member as they advance their careers to meet their personal goals and objectives.

“When I transitioned from a nursing to a provider role, I had the full support of leadership and management.”
~ Terry Thompson (PEA 2021) - Riverside Health System Advanced Practice Provider

APP Executive Committee Representation

Riverside leadership means it when they say our providers have a voice – and that means all providers. Our Advanced Practice Providers are represented on every Riverside Medical Executive Committee at our acute care hospitals. Additionally, a primary care and an acute care APP are elected to the Riverside Medical Group Board of Directors. APPs are also represented on all major hospital-based committees and Riverside Medical Group subcommittees. We value their voice – and significant contributions – to help lead our organization forward.

A dedicated Advanced Practice Committee includes Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Certified Nurse-Midwives from across the Riverside Health System. Meeting monthly, this group of APP leaders brings issues to the table representing all committees as a unified presence to determine what needs attention – and action. Their collective voice is represented at the Riverside Medical Group board meetings through their elected Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.

Professional Connections across the Region and Beyond

Active for the past decade, the Advanced Practice Committee started our annual APP Conference – bringing national speakers to our region for themed general and breakout clinically-focused and leadership sessions. Our 2022 APP Conference focused on Acute Care, Primary Care and Women’s Health. Presented by Riverside Medical Group Advanced Practice Provider Committee, we open this conference to all Advanced Practice Providers and APP students.

Clinical Leadership Institute Open for APPs

Advanced Practice Providers are eligible to apply for Riverside’s leadership program through our Clinical Leadership Institute. One class a month is conducted from August to May, including important topics of interest:

  • Leadership Essentials
  • Organization Understanding
  • Industry Insights
  • Finance Basics
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • High Reliability
  • Continuous Improvement

Primary Care APP Leadership Opportunities

As Riverside Health System moves toward value-based care model options, leadership has established a primary care service structure to allow practices to work together in teams, or "pods." Six pods have been identified across the geographical region with each pod led by a local primary care provider, either a physician or an advanced practice provider. The pod leaders will identify areas of need and assist practices in improving performance.

Continuous Improvement for APP Professional Development

With feedback and involvement from APPs, we established a leadership role within Riverside Medical Group, focusing on APP professional development and provider resources. This influential position reports directly to the Riverside Medical Group president and chief operating officer and has frequent interaction with the Riverside Health System president, chief nursing officer and other executive leaders. No other organizations in the area feature an APP leadership position at this key, decision-making level.

This leadership focus continues to grow and seeks opportunities within our system. APP Grand Rounds are in planning, featuring Riverside’s expert APPs presenting specialized topics for continuing education credits. Additional APP leadership roles are being developed for specialty-specific areas to openly communicate between APPs and senior management for continuous improvement in our mentoring and onboarding processes.

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