What we do
Our men, women and junior volunteers are invaluable in the help they provide to patients, visitors and staff. Each person is selected and trained to fill a variety of functions, including:

  • Sorting and processing mail
  • Newspaper and flower delivery
  • Assisting with errands
  • Patient transportation
  • Delivery of food
  • Helping with admissions and discharges
  • Clerical and receptionist duties
  • Answering phones
  • Directing visitors
  • Reading to patients
  • Helping maintain equipment


  • Free flu shot
  • Free meal in the cafeteria for every shift you work
  • Meeting people
  • Getting exercise
  • Developing new skills
  • Giving back to your community

To find out more
For information or for a Volunteer Application, contact the Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital Volunteer Office at (757) 414-8756.


Special program: HELP
We're currently recruiting volunteers for a new project, the Hospital Elder Life Program. In a hospital setting, some older patients can lose touch with their surroundings and become confused. They may lose track of where they are, or whether it’s day or night. The Hospital Elder Life Program prevents this type of decline by helping older patients stay alert and connected.

To volunteer for HELP

Call the Hospital Elder Life Program Coordinator at (757) 414-8874, or e-mail her at maryjo.ward@rivhs.com.

How it works
Once at-risk patients are identified, specially trained volunteers use proven techniques to keep them alert and connected to their environment over the course of their hospital stay. Methods include reading or talking at the bedside, music therapy and simple activities, like a walk down the hallway.