"After I had a stroke, I chose Riverside Shore Rehabilitation Center because it was very close to my home. I had no idea that it was going to be so much more than just convenient. The nurses and staff were wonderful, and I felt confident I was receiving the highest quality care. Wanda, one of my nurses, was a delight to see every morning. She helped me get ready for the day, assisting with my breakfast and getting my clothes prepared. Anything I needed, she was more than happy to help me. Even the food was great—there was such a variety of meals! I looked forward to breakfast every morning.

I was able to return home with a solid plan and exercises to help me continue on the path to a full recovery. For anyone needing rehabilitation, I highly recommend the Shore Center; it is absolutely the place to go."
- Charlene Parks

"I came to Riverside Shore Rehabilitation Center after experiencing an extreme allergic reaction to a chemotherapy treatment. My liver and kidneys shut down, and I fell into a coma. Doctors were worried I wouldn't survive. Thankfully, I came out of the coma and began to recover. But after months in the hospital, I was completely immobile.

At the Shore Center, I received more than physical rehabilitation. The therapists and staff members did everything they could to keep guests as upbeat as possible, despite their circumstances. They helped me fight both the physical and mental battles I faced. The best way to describe my experience at the Shore Rehabilitation Center is phenomenal. My wife and I agree that we couldn't have chosen a better place for my recovery.

Every person I met was outstanding, and I believe that I'm walking today because of my main physical therapist, Rodrigo Correa. Even the Administrator, Roger Eitelman, personally came to my room when I had any concerns. The Shore Center truly became a second home.

Recently I went back to visit, and it was hard to hide both the smiles and the tears when I reunited with the Shore team. Even Rodrigo had tears in his eyes and told me I was one of his 'best success stories.'

Since returning home, I've been able to resume my fish and tackle business. My wife is happy that I've also started cooking again! We are so grateful for the care I received. Anyone who needs rehabilitation should make Riverside Shore Rehabilitation Center their very first choice."
- Phillip Fors    

"I was in a car accident and broke my foot, wrist and nose. I also fractured my hand and sustained multiple cuts on my leg, which was a major concern since I am diabetic.

Riverside Shore Rehabilitation Center was close to my home, making it very convenient for my rehabilitation. My family was nearby and could visit me often. I loved having them join me for meals; the Shore team was very welcoming and accommodating.

I received great care from everyone—the nurses, therapists and staff members were wonderful to work with. Rodrigo Correa, my physical therapist, knew just how to coach me through the pain and wouldn't let me give up. I knew it was necessary to work hard to be able to walk again, and I'm proud to report a full recovery from my accident.

Since being back home, I have been able to resume one of my favorite hobbies: volunteering. Being mobile again has helped me return to my volunteer positions at Hospice, senior citizen programs, schools and my church. I have told lots of people about my experience at the Shore Rehabilitation Center and couldn't be more pleased with my results."   
- Robert "Bud" Martin

"I spent three months at Riverside Shore Rehabilitation Center after being admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. I chose Riverside for my care because of their good reputation in the community. I couldn’t have made a better choice. The people were so kind and encouraging, and I was extremely happy with the care I received. Everyone I met was friendly and provided personal attention. It made me feel important, and I knew they really cared about my treatment. I made a full recovery and was able to return home. I would highly recommend the Shore Center to others needing rehabilitation."
- Royce Chesser