Riverside Shore Cancer Center offers external beam radiation treatment in a location close to home. Your doctor and other healthcare professionals can help you decide if radiation treatment is appropriate for your cancer.

In 2017, the Cancer Center was moved to the Onancock campus and a new leading edge linear accelerator was added to our arsenal of treatment tools. 

Our linear accelerator performs intensity modulated radiation therapy, or IMRT, for more precise targeting of solid cancerous tumors while increasing the protection of healthy tissue. The treatment is particularly useful for prostate, lung and head and neck cancers. It can target oddly-shaped tumors in sensitive places.

Your treatment begins with a consultation. Our radiation oncologists will discuss your options and answer questions so that you can make educated decisions.

If you choose radiation, the next step is simulation. We take detailed images of your body and mark the precise areas that will receive the beams. During this stage we take care to position each patient to minimize the amount of healthy tissue affected by the treatment.  We may use forms such as masks or cushion-like devices — adapted especially for each patient — to help you stay as comfortable as possible so you can hold the same position during the entire treatment, which can take up to 15 minutes.

Next we plan your treatment by calculating exactly how much radiation you'll need. This process may take a few days.

Then treatment begins. You'll be placed on a table in the same position — if necessary, using the same immobilization devices — as during the radiation simulation. Your radiation therapist acts as a pharmacist, dispensing the dosage prescribed by the doctor, and is also on hand to answer any questions.

Treatments are available Monday through Friday. Having weekends off is beneficial in allowing healthy tissues to heal.