Supporting our nurses as they support our patients

“I love the patient/family interaction and love being at the bedside, doing what I can to make them feel more comfortable with their stay,” says Lee Johnson, an RN, in the ICU.

And while Johnson goes the extra mile for patients, Riverside gives nurses the opportunity to expand their skills with continuing education and additional certifications. Like Johnson, as a Riverside nurse you can explore different clinical areas of interest.

“Nursing is such an ever-changing field and the need is so great. There are so many opportunities and you can change,” Johnson says.

And while you can change the course of your nursing career, one thing remains constant: our mission to care for other as we would care for those we love. “The Riverside mission hits home with me because I do know a lot of the patients that come in and feel very close to them. I automatically want to care for them as I would my own family,” she adds.