Being a part of a team dedicated to helping others

For as long as he can remember, James Abbott, RN, has always liked helping people. As a nurse, he enjoys being able to “take care of the complete patient” and “making sure they have everything they need.”

Being a Riverside nurse has allowed him to join a team of others - not just nursing, but from dietary, housekeeping and a variety of clinical fields--dedicated to the same approach to patient care.

“Riverside’s mission is to care for others as you would care for your loved ones and I think that’s true whether you’ve known them for a few years or a few minutes. If I give a 110 percent I know that person’s going to feel a whole lot better,” Abbott said.

In addition to the mission and team spirit, Abbott believes Riverside has also been instrumental in furthering his career, especially helping him through school. “They helped me with tuition reimbursement which is a plus for a lot of people, especially when you have a family.”