The organization now known as the Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital Auxiliary actually began in the 1910's before the hospital even existed. A hospital on the Eastern Shore of Virginia was a dream that originated with Dr. William J. Sturgis Sr. After a meeting held by Dr. Sturgis in Nassawadox to begin organizing for a new hospital, Bessie Anderson, a recent widow whose husband died due to appendicitis, was determined to bring Dr. Sturgis's dream to fruition.

Mrs. Anderson organized the Hospital Auxiliary and was the driving force behind its unwavering efforts to raise enough funds, dollar by dollar, for a local hospital. Auxilians canvassed door to door for donations. Some people who did not have a spare dollar or two to donate would instead bake cakes for bake sales. The support of Eastern Shore residents continued to grow, with door to door donations totaling $2,000 one year.

As the Auxiliary members raised funds, they purchased bricks and windows as they were able, storing them in a barn until construction advanced to the point where the items were needed. Six Auxilians even took out personal loans to begin assembling the bricks up to the second floor.

The result of the tireless efforts of these original Auxiliary members was Northampton-Accomack Memorial Hospital, a 25-bed facility that opened in 1928 and served as the first hospital on Virginia's Eastern Shore.