Common Sports Injuries

Sprains and strains. Groin pulls. Shin splints. Knee injuries. Tennis-golfer's-thrower's elbow. You name it, if you are actively engaged in your sport and on your field of play, you've heard of or have even experienced some of these common sports injuries.

Riverside's Sports Medicine Specialists believe the best treatment is prevention, but when you find yourself injured, getting prompt care is key.

To help you better understand some common sports injuries we've seen from athletes throughout Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg and the greater Hampton Roads region, and to help you navigate the vast array of sports medicine information available on the web, we've compiled this list.

These injuries do not include every injury that may occur while engaging in physical activity or sport. This resource is intended for educational purposes only and to serve as a guideline of the most common injuries that can occur to the body while participating in athletic activity. Please contact Riverside Sports Medicine health professionals for all of your athletic injury needs.