At Riverside, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries caused by physical activity - particularly sports and exercise. Whether you play sports on a structured team or for recreation, enjoy running races (with or without obstacles), cycling, CrossFit or weight lifting, you may be at risk of injury that could limit functioning and/or future performance. Sports Medicine care is available in your community.

Our team of professionals understands how important sports and fitness are to you and we are dedicated to helping you stay competitive. Riverside Sports Medicine offers a sub-specialty, team approach to treat injuries that include the most comprehensive services in order to minimize downtime and expedite return to normal activity.

Our team of medical professionals include:

We treat many different sports injuries. Find out what major injuries we treat.

Athletic Training &Team Physician Services

We also partner with local colleges and high schools to offer team physicians and athletic training services. This allows us to practice medicine outside of our clinics on the sidelines. We can offer non-surgical services for sports teams. Learn more

When non-surgical treatments aren't the solution, our orthopedic surgeons are experts in state of the art arthroscopic and cutting edge orthopedic surgery, backed by the best available medical research.

Sports Medicine Hotline

Our sports medicine hotline gives you direct access to our sports medicine team. Get answers to clinical questions, advice or make an appointment with an orthopedic sports medicine expert: 757-534-6767.

Stay in the Game

Our team wants to help your team stay in the game with screenings, clinics and prevention programs.