Riverside In-Home Technology
Riverside has been providing aging adults and their families with peace of mind for decades. Today, the latest in medical technology helps your loved ones stay safe and healthy in the comfort of their very own home. Riverside In-Home Technology services include:

  • Riverside Alert: 24/7 Medical Response System
  • Medication Dispensing Service

You can choose to use these services separately or bundled together in any combination to receive a discount.

Riverside Alert: 24/7 Medical Response System

Live more independently at home with help from your trusted local provider.
Riverside Alert is a lightweight, easy-to-use, waterproof medical alert device and service that reduces the risks associated with living alone. If you need help, simply press your Personal Help Button and your "communicator" base connects directly to a professional response associate who will access your file and quickly assess the situation. If you are away from the base or unable to speak, help is dispatched to you immediately based on your personalized care plan. Experience caring, patient service while speaking with Riverside Alert during an emergency and know you’re never truly alone. There's no equipment to buy, no long term obligation and one convenient monthly bill.

Information and Resources
Riverside is there for you when you need additional guidance and support.

The Information and Resources service is available at the press of a button on your Riverside Alert base. This convenient addition takes the guess work out of finding the specific services you need. Subscribers and their caregivers can use a simple access point for personalized guidance and support with services including, but not limited to:

  • Assistance with coordination of transportation
  • Locating a physician or medical services
  • Coordination of in-home care or hospice care
  • Directing you to home maintenance, beauty/barber services, adult day services and other community resources
  • Providing options for independent living, assisted living and other residential services
  • Coordination of memory support services
  • Locating legal and financial services
  • Assistance with coordinating health and wellness services

The Information and Resources feature also helps subscribers

  • Experience the ease of a one-stop shop to locate resources and information at no additional charge
  • Enhance the independent lifestyle they value
  • Eliminate the stress and confusion faced when specialty services are needed by serving as "a caregiver for the caregiver"

A Team of Professionals Connects
You to a Community of Resources Riverside Alert subscribers may access support through their Information and Resources service Monday through Friday during regular business hours. The Riverside Call Center provides prompt service and, when necessary, works with other Riverside departments to ensure each subscriber’s needs are met, either through Riverside directly or other trusted community resources.

Riverside is deeply committed to helping older adults enjoy healthy, independent lifestyles in their own homes. Our innovative Information and Resources service provides the convenience and peace of mind subscribers and caregivers need to truly enjoy their independence.

Don’t wait to experience the security and peace of mind you deserve. Call Riverside Alert today to speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals at 757-234-8480 (Peninsula) or 1-877-287-6061 (Outside the Peninsula).

Medication Dispensing Service

Riverside's Medication Dispensing Service ensures a 98.6 percent compliance average nationally (based on Philips national research data), the highest of any medication dispensing service available today. This service is available to help you take the right medications at the right time.

The dispensing unit can hold up to 60 doses of medications at one time, stored in covered pill cups. Your caregiver or a qualified Riverside home care nurse will periodically load the dispensing device, so all you need to worry about is listening for the voice announcement telling you when it's time to take your next dose. The service also has caregivers in mind—it alerts them if a dose is about to be missed and allows them to track compliance through a web-based program. This user-friendly, affordable system can save you and your loved ones from the dangerous results of missed medication and incorrect dosages.

For more information about Riverside's Medication Dispensing Service, please call 1-877-287-6061.

Safe, Simple Solutions
There is never a long-term obligation to use these services, and you do not need to purchase the equipment. You'll simply receive one consistent monthly bill for the service. Riverside In-Home Technology gives you the power to stay independent and safe exactly where you want to be: in your own home.