A Full Continuum of Care
What sets ClearPath apart is our understanding of the often confusing, ever-changing effects of Alzheimer's disease and other dementia disorders. We know that these conditions can look different from one day to the next. That's why our approach anticipates and prepares for all aspects of care, starting on the day you receive a diagnosis.

Your treatment plan will be updated regularly as your needs and condition changes. Other programs and resources will be made available according to what best suits you and your family, from adult day services to secure 24-hour memory care residences. We are here to partner with you, and that means we will be by your side for the entire journey.


Treating Older Adults with Dignity and Respect
The overall mission of Riverside's Aging Related Services division is founded on helping older adults play an active role in their own care. Whenever possible, aging adults are given the opportunity to make decisions about their own next steps. They have a voice, and we will always listen.

Each patient is treated with the utmost dignity as a unique individual. Every staff member respects and supports our older adults' health and independence.

Support for Caregivers
No one experiences memory loss alone. Family members, loved ones and caregivers experience their own physical and emotional strain when managing another's memory impairment. ClearPath is committed to providing resources and support for this vital part of a patient's team.

Caregivers will receive information on support groups, community resources and the latest research on managing memory-related conditions. We work to improve the quality of life for everyone involved.