In-Home Private Care
Riverside's In-Home Private Care services allow you or your loved one to maintain independence at home by providing general personal care and companionship. Your friendly aide or companion will help with bathing, dressing, transportation and other tasks around your home.

You can learn more about Riverside's Home Care services here, or by calling 1-888-594-5600.

Home Care

In-Home Technology
Riverside's In-Home Technology services have one goal: to keep you or your loved one safe in your own home for as long as possible. We offer three different supportive in-home services:

Lifeline Emergency Response
Users wear a lightweight button that can call for help in an emergency, such as a fall. The button alerts a Lifeline Monitor, who dispatches the appropriate help. 

Medication Dispensing Service medication dispenser
We will help you stock your device with the proper medication and doses, and our professionals assist you in programming the machine to alert you or your loved one when it is time to take a dose. Caregivers can choose to be contacted if a dose is about to be missed.

Telemonitoring Service
Medical professionals teach participants how to monitor their vital signs and other important health measures and input them into our system. These measurements are regularly monitored by the Riverside team, and appropriate actions are taken when any measurement falls outside a healthy range.

You can choose to use Riverside's In-Home Technology services separately or bundled together in any combination that best meets your needs. Learn more about In-Home Technology services here, or call 757-856-7030.