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Our cosmetic and reconstructive services are provided by our fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, in a safe and secure environment. Whether you desire non-surgical facial rejuvenation or the latest in breast reconstruction techniques, we are committed to providing the highest quality experience, focusing on the unique needs of the plastic surgery patient.

Meet Dr. Hawkins

Board Certified. Our fellowship trained surgeon offers patients the latest advancements in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery at a location close to home.
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Our Services

We provide high quality care in the full spectrum of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery from treatment for conditions and deformities related to trauma, cancer, to a wide range of elective cosmetic procedures.

Our Blog

Are Breast Implants Safe?
During the 1990s, medical problems in women who had silicone implants caused concern for the US Food and Drug administration (FDA), resulting in their removal from the market in January 1992 (except in very limited cases).

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