Following years of farming, working up and down his grain fields in King and Queen, William Carlton's left knee and hip were "just plain worn out".

"They rubbed bone on bone", he said. He couldn't sleep. He lived in constant pain.


Finally, after several years of "dealing with it", William went to see Dr. David Muron. Why? Because his daughter, whom he trusts for his medical guidance, told him to. 

When it comes to his medical care, he listens to her. She's Katherine Carlton Haggerty, a nurse practitioner with the Riverside Walter Reed Hospitalist Program.

"Dr. Muron got me on the operating table and now, well, I just feel good. I have a new hip and a new knee. The hip doesn't bother me, I can put my shoes and socks on my foot without it hurting, I can sleep."

And even though he's retired now, William can once again walk in those grain fields without pain.