The colors of the water. The sights of sea birds and salt marshes. Cruising with the wind and the sun to new ports, new towns. That's what boating is to Mary Helen Morgan and thanks to Dr. David Muron she's on her way to enjoying that time on the water again…and off on her biggest adventure yet.


In March 2013, Mary Helen fell off the back of her boat and hit the edge of the swim platform. The fall broke her shoulder blade, some ribs and tore her rotator cuff. It not only meant surgery and months of recovery, but time away from the water.

Mary Helen wasn't scared of the surgery itself. But it was an unknown.

So she went to Dr. Muron because friends in Richmond travel to Gloucester to see him.

"They were traveling 70 miles just to see Dr. Muron. I figured that was a pretty good recommendation."

It was.

"Through each of the steps of recovering from my injury, from the bone breaks to the initial tear on the rotator cuff, he showed me exactly on the x-rays what had happened, where the problems were and why. As I worked to understand it all, he was very patient, caring and sincere."

And he understood that Mary Helen was determined to get back on her boat in time to do the Great Loop, the navigation of America's eastern waters from the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Gulf Coast and back again.

Dr. Muron's care, Mary Helen said, gave "me the freedom to go on this trip, the freedom to go on to the next port."