A lot is riding on Josh Kufera's feet, particularly a soccer scholarship at Christopher Newport University. When he suffered an infection following an injury to his left foot, it was crucial to have it treated and treated well.

"I went to the emergency room and Dr. Hooker was on call. He treated me that night and oversaw my follow up care in the office. He even recommended surgery and helped me set it up in Baltimore, where I'm from."

It proved to be quite the happy accident that Dr. Hooker, a sports medicine specialist and CNU team orthopedic surgeon, was on call that night. After several follow up visits with Dr. Hooker, Josh is back on the soccer field this season. With a new fan, to boot.

"Dr. Hooker gave me special gear to help protect my foot during games. And I see him on the sidelines now."

Josh admits he knew of but didn't really know Dr. Hooker before becoming a patient. Not so anymore. "Dr. Hooker was down to earth and very accessible. He was always available when I needed him and even gave me his personal number in case I had questions. He also pointed me in the right direction for the surgery I needed back home."

For Josh, it's not a question of if he'll refer to Riverside.

"Would I recommend Dr. Hooker to other people? I already have."