In 2015, George Peters faced life in a wheelchair.

"My knees were worn out and I was in constant pain whenever I walked," Peters said. "I was already down to only being able to move with a walker, and the pain was only getting worse."

George's Story

Then Dr. Hugh Bryan, III took a look.

"When he x-rayed them the first time he said, 'You're going to need to have them replaced,'" Peters said.

Peters did have both knees replaced by Dr. Bryan.

"He is an artist. An outright artist," Peters said about Bryan. "It's a wonderful thing when you can go from not hardly walking and back to walking pain-free."

"And living pain-free, too, for that matter," Peters added.

Following the surgery, Peters is able to do everything he could do before.

"I can stand and do dishes, where a couple years ago I couldn't even stand long enough at the sink to clean up," Peters said. "It's all about the little things that you don't think about until you are on a walker and can't stand for longer than four or five minutes."

In fact, Peters can now stand for hours without pain.

"My hobby has always been flying radio control airplanes," he said. "But I couldn't do it for years because you have to stand. I'm finally back into that now… and standing for hours in a field.