When Doris Clements walked into Dr. David Muron's office, she knew she would need surgery.

As a retired nurse, she figured the intense pain she suddenly felt one day in her shoulder while walking, combined with not being able to lift her arm without pain, meant something had torn through her rotator cuff.

Doris' Story

She chose Dr. Muron because friends had recommended him. She stuck with Dr. Muron through that first surgery, and again to repair her other shoulder, because "I liked his attitude. He was conducive to my complaint, pleasant to talk to, and really took the time to educate the family."

Dr. Muron explained everything he did, and why, in a language both Doris, as a medical professional, and her husband could understand.

"He even took the time to draw a picture on the exam room table to show my husband what he did in surgery," Doris said. "There's a reason why he does things and he explains that to you."

"And it clearly works," Doris said.

Doris and a friend have both had the same types of surgeries. Doris can now lift her arms above her head again. Her friend cannot.

"That says it all to me."