The recovery time for your orthopedic surgery may be lengthy. If you need additional care after you leave the hospital, our Home Health Care Services will allow you to continue to recover at home.

Home care comes in many forms depending on your needs. Our goal is to help you safely manage and heal in your own home. You may be referred for home care if:

  • Your ability to perform common daily activities is compromised by your condition or surgery
  • Your mobility is greatly reduced during recovery
  • You live alone or live with someone who is not capable of¬†caring for you
  • You would be unable to return for further treatment or physical therapy

Skilled Nursing
A nurse may visit you at home on a predetermined schedule to monitor your condition and provide treatment or education on self-care.

Home Health Aide
A skilled health aide may come to your home to stay with you overnight, if needed, in the days following your surgery or visit you for several hours a day to help with personal tasks.

Physical Therapy
If you have had a fracture, joint surgery, or severe arthritis, you may benefit from physical therapy at home. Your physical therapist might come to your home to work with you or teach you a set of exercises to do on your own without injuring your new joint.

How to get started:

  • Talk to your physician. Ask your primary care doctor or surgeon if you are a good candidate for home health care. A referral is needed for Riverside Home Care Services.
  • Call our intake office: 757-594-5600 or toll-free 1-888-594-5600