Synergy S Radiosurgery

The Synergy S is a radiation delivery system that allows very accurate and precise delivery of radiation beams to targets within the body while avoiding surrounding healthy tissue.

Using a built-in CAT scan imaging system along with a robotic couchtop platform, the Synergy S can see the body's internal structures, including soft tissues, and then move the patient precisely to target tumors within a millimeter of accuracy ensuring minimal exposure to healthy organs.

The Synergy S system is used to target tumors in the brain and spine (radiosurgery) as well as tumors throughout the body (stereotactic body radiosurgery) such as lung, liver, adrenal glands, lymph nodes, etc.

Benefits include none of the risks of surgery. There is no blood loss, fewer complications and faster recovery. Synergy S also offers a non-invasive option for patients who are no longer able to be treated with other methods of care.

Our physicians using this technology:

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