Synergy S Treatment

Synergy S radiosurgery combines a linear accelerator with the ability to visualize internal structures, including soft tissues, in three dimensions at the time of treatment. By combining imaging and radiation delivery in a single system, Synergy S provides unsurpassed accuracy to the treatment of tumors, lesions and malformations throughout the body as well as some locations within the brain.

A breakthrough in radiosurgery

Physicians have a range of imaging choices for cancer patients to help identify the form, type and position of the cancer. However, between treatment sessions, patients' internal organ movement can shift the position of the cancer-or the tumor itself may change shape or size-compromising the effectiveness of the radiation treatment. Because the imaging component of Synergy S operates in real time and is integrated with the radiation component, the beam can be positioned more accurately on the target. Simply put, there is no time lag between imaging and radiation delivery.

Conditions treated

Synergy S lets physicians and medical physicists treat cancers of the spine, neck, chest, lung, prostate, pancreas and liver. Synergy S radiosurgery can also be used on brain tumors that aren't accessible to the Gamma Knife.

Benefits of Synergy S treatment

Because the radiation dose delivered by Synergy S is precisely targeted at the tumor or lesion, there is less damage to surrounding healthy tissue. As with the Gamma Knife, the benefits of non-invasive radiosurgery and radiosurgery include no risk of blood loss, fewer complications, faster recovery and the ability to effectively treat patients who are no longer able to be treated by other methods of care.

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